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Fabric, and why I am a horrible mother

Picked up 5 yards of polar fleece at JoAnn's today, for a cloak for Herself. It's a nice, light, sorta plum-y color (like lavender, but on the pink side). There's enough to do a 2 layer cloak, if she wants - if not, I'll make pillows or something for his room (oh, who'm I kidding? I'll get my MIL to make the pillows et al. *g*) I also got 2 large hooks n' eyes for the 2 cloaks....good thing, too, since it's in the 40s today. Brrrrrrrr!

I have a confession to make: I am a horrible mother. No, really. In my zeal to provide my offspring with wholesome, nutrious snacks and meals, I ignored one of the important staples of childhood. I mean, I even make my own bread! I've rarely allowed hot dogs in the house, and mac and cheese? It doesn't come in the blue box *here* (well, ok, occasionally it does - but *I* do not buy it!). I have forbidden all soft drinks except Sprite/7up, TV watching is pretty limited (videos, on the other hand, are not quite as limited), you ask: How am I so horrible?

I neglected to properly introduce my children to the joys of Ding Dongs. ~hangs head in shame~

I didn't even realize this gross oversight until Monday, when I noticed the snack machine here in the building had suddenly aquired Ding Dongs. Ahhhh, I could Not resist their siren call! Cheap, substandard chocolate, but oh so good when you add cream-filling to the mix. It was as I was wallowing in the taste explosion that I realized: My children had not been introduced to this wonder - by me, anyway. Hmmmmmmmm. Well, surely they had been introduced to this forbidden fruit by thier friends.

When I picked Himself up from the daycare, I asked him if he liked Ding Dongs. "What's that?" he asked, in a very perplexed voice. Ah! Noooooo! *sigh* Obviously, it befell me to properly rectify this horrific situation. What's a mom to do?

Tuesday, I brought him a Ding Dong from work. He eyeballed it as he got into the car, then gingerly unwrapped it. He stared at it while I started the car, then said "Wow. It's chocolate!" in that endearing little lisp he has. "Can I eat it in the car?". I assented, and he took a big bite.

Silence. Then, a sigh of pure bliss. "OH. Wow. It's Gooooooooooood!" was the pronouncement from the back seat. Then, silence as he stuffed the rest of it into his already full mouth. *eg*

He was finally able to swallow all of it, and asked, as we pulled into the grocery store's parking lot, "Can you buy more, Mama? It's Goooooooooooood!"

I bought a box.

Now, to make sure we save at least 1 for Herself when she comes home........maybe if I stuff it in the freezer?
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