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2 Posts today...

because I am working all day tomorrow. :shrug: I'm helping Cynthia out - because of all her crises lately, she's behind. I don't mind...but I'm only going in for 1 day.

Himself was a little sad that we finished "The Wanderings of Odyseuss" (or however it's spelled) last week - he said he'd like to read more Greek myths. Since he's been "off" reading for the past few months (seriously - he'd rather CLEAN his room instead of read!), I thought I'd look for books for him at Half Price.

Part of our haul was 4 mythology books for him. 2 on the Greek myths (Bullfinch's anthology, and a retelling of the Aenid), 1 is Celtic myths, and 1 is "1001 Arabian Nights". I HOPE he finds something there to pique his interest.....he needs to be reading again.

I finished SG's kippah yesterday - he's been wearing it all over the house. :grin: No, it's not Torah....but he wanted something to help *him* set the Sabbath and Feasts apart from every other day. It doesn't matter to me - I just had a hankering to knit one. Or 2...I've already cast on another one. :lol: (What? They're fast, mindless knitting....and IF he and Himself choose to wear them, that's great. If not, I'm not out much yarn or time. I knit to *knit*, not necessarily to end up with an object.) SG's is made out of some multi-colored handspun - he asked for a "Joseph's Coat" kippah, and I delivered. Photos later - when I finish #2.

I'm trying to find a "real" tablecloth for our table; one that actually fits. Our table is 4" by 6"...and I just can't find anything ready-made that fits that I can afford (or justify spending the $$$ for. Oi, some of them are EXPENSIVE!) I found a cross-stitch kit.....for $75. :boggle: It's lovely, but I can get a machine-made one for $35......not as pretty, true, but.......$75. And *I* have to do all the work! I....don't really have the time to do that.

I'm trying to find a quilt pattern that I could use as a tablecloth, but I can't find a Jewish-themed one large enough. (Not even large enough for a center panel - I can always make a border or 2 for it if I find one...) :sigh: I need to make some more placemats as least I don't need a challah cover - SG just bought me one off of etsy. :grin: (I don't mind making things myself, but if I can find something that's *handmade* for about the same price as *me* making it, I'd just as soon buy it. My time is worth *something*......I'd rather use it for things I can't get anywhere else.)

My knitting is calling is SG. He's making feta for Thanksgiving.....mmmmmm. Our contribution to the meal is fresh challah and feta. That's a meal in itself! :grin:

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