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Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Prepping for Turkey-day.....

Thought I was being smart this morning; I left the house at 8:15 to do my normal end-of-month grocery run. THAT was stupid; Wally-world was already BUSY. :sigh: 's OK, though - I got everything I needed (for less than I anticipated - yea sales!), ran to Cynthia's to get the printer, then grabbed an early lunch and ran home.

Made fudge (velveeta fudge.......that looks SO Southern, doesn't it? But it's GOOD stuff - and kosher! Regular fudge has marshmallows in it....which aren't. :sigh:), and am about to start the challah. I'll bake it tomorrow - want it nice and fresh - but I don't want to get up at 0-dark-thirty.

The printer.....I hate HP sometimes. Some of their printers - seems to be the cheaper ones - only come with windoze drivers. I don't HAVE a windoze machine anymore.....and this one? Doesn't have a Mac-compatible driver. :grrrr: It's OK - I found a work-around on one of the Mac forums. :hehe: Works a treat, now - I can print all the black and white pages I want!!! Fast!!! :lol:

Currently reading: My "fluff" book is currently "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson. No, I'm not a Jobs fan-girl; I like reading biographies. This one is fascinating - he was a pretty intense person.

My "tradition" book is "The Jewish Holidays: A Guide and Commentary" by Michael Strassfeld. If you have ANY interest in the Jewish roots of Christianity, you NEED to read this book. No, the Messiah isn't mentioned as having come.....but the Traditions are FULL of Messianic stuff. It's......I'm all geeked over it, and I've only really read 2 parts - Hanukkah and Pesach. I had thrown off all tradition that wasn't based on Torah....but now? We'll be adding most of it back, because of the Messianic proofs. It's.....I can't even describe how much I am GEEKED about this book. Seriously - find a copy. If you can't, let me know - the big Half Price had 3 or 4 more copies last weekend, and we'll be back in that area Monday.

My "school" book is "Learn Hebrew in 10 Minutes a Day" - SG bought me a copy Monday, then he found one at "his" Half Price on Tuesday. I scored 2 more last night on eBay - I want the kids to be able to *write* in them (instead of me trying to make 2 copies of each page)'s that interesting. It won't teach you to speak it (not really - you REALLY need to *hear* the words pronounced to get them right), but it looks like a fabulous way to learn to READ it. Soon as I get at least 1 of the "new" copies in, I'll add it to our school schedule. (eBay. Seriously - the first copy he bought from B&N, and it was $19.99. The 2nd one, from Half Price, was $7.99. The 2 I just bought? $1.11 and $1.63, plus $3.99 shipping each. Yes, I DO have an eBay addiction, why do you ask?)

Normally, I'd only have 2 books going...but SG has this...this "itch" to DO more for the Feasts/Sabbath, so I'm trying to cram as much info in as I can. He let me buy a Shabbat-only tablecloth, a havdalah set (for the ending of the Sabbath ceremony) and some stuff for Passover ("let" = he paid for it).....I'm not arguing; it's fantastic that he's becoming more involved. It's a bit....odd, but hey - he put up with ME getting geeked over stuff; it's only fair that I enjoy this. :lol: He also bought a deep fryer for us for Hanukkah - he's NEVER wanted me to fry stuff before, so this is...interesting (I'll be using it throughout the year, too - fresh french fries sound yummy!). We'll see where this goes - I hope he keeps it up. (No, we're not going Jewish - we won't give up Yeshua the Messiah. I honestly don't see how ANYONE who's been raised in the church, who goes hunting Truth, who would convert to Judaism, denying Yeshua. It's.....I can't comprehend that.)

Gotta skitter - gotta get the bread dough started!

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