Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It was rainy yesterday...

so we went antiquing. FUN stuff. I only scored 20 white damask napkins (of which 1 linen one was damaged - I ended up with 6 linen, and 13 cotton, all white, all with pretty much the same pattern) for $21, but it was fun. I was looking for a butter dish - I don't have one. I need one....and don't like modern-looking stuff. The weird thing was, there were *3* butter dishes at the mall. 2 silver-plated, and 1 really ugly ceramic. I don't want silver - I am SO not a silver-table-setting sort - and the ceramic...well, it was UGLY. :sigh: Need to hit eBay again...

We got does in with bucks. Mocha's been bred to Mal, Risky and Zoe have been bred to Calvin, and Inara and Annie are in the wings, so to speak (Annie with Mal, and Inara with Calvin.) Soon as all the Nubians are settled, I'll put Dulcinae in with Goliad. Zorra gets a year off - I'll keep her on the stand until the Nubians have freshened. Or...that's the plan. :lol:

I have 2 kippas! Need to get pictures......but today is a work-work day. :sigh: Tomorrow Herself has a doc's appointment, then we have to get school caught up....I'll try to post photos, but it may be Tuesday or Wednesday.

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