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What I've been up to...

when I'm not teaching or working, that is. :grin: Behold:

First up, the kippa that started it all. I told SG I had an urge to knit a kippa, and that I didn't expect anyone to *wear* it - I just wanted to knit one! He said he'd gladly wear it on the Sabbath, and could I make it "Joseph's Coat" colored? Sure thing!

I still had a hankering to knit kippas, so I grabbed some blue yarn (Himself prefers blue....but he hasn't decided if this is to be worn or not. I don't care - I had to knit it. The urge is gone, now...:lol:)

Same grist yarn, same needles, same pattern - but SG's is handspun, and this one is commercial yarn.'s a pretty big difference in size! Doesn't matter - SG's fits perfectly, and Himself's fit him perfectly, so it all worked out.

After finishing those, I was hit with a "MUST get ready for Passover!" bug. It's been bad - seriously. We haven't been doing a seder...we will next year (should we be here), and we'll do it up right. I've got a seder plate, an Elijah cup, and 2 kiddush cups for the kids on their way to us, and I was up *hours* scouring etsy for an Afikomen bag and Matza bag. Couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, so I decided to make my own.

This is one side of the Afikomen bag:

It's part of the "leftover" fabric from the matza bag, which is here:

I'm pleased with how they turned out. I had found a matza bag on etsy that I sorta liked...except for the colors. :lol: I took her idea, and changed it....I started out with 2.5" wide strips of my fabrics, and I sewed up 2 squares, both approximately 14" x 14" (which were her finished measurements....on hindsight, that's really too big, but that's OK.) I then cut both squares into quarters, and reassembled them - the back of the matzo bag is different from the front, because of the way I arranged the triangles. I liked this side best. :lol:

The letters were cut out of gold cotton; I wonder-undered them on, but I suck at wonder-under. :sigh: I went back and chain-stitched around them, to hide the edges and make sure they were secure; Herself went back and used her craft glue on the fabric to ensure it wouldn't fray. (It says "Pesach" in Hebrew, which means Passover.)

There's 3 pockets inside the bag - 1 for each piece of matza. It wasn't hard to do....figuring out how to assemble it was the hardest part for me! (I, um...sewed it wrong the first time and had the pockets on the *outside*. Ooops! :lol:)

The colors aren't quite right on my monitor - the real thing isn't so bright and glaring; it's more subdued. I didn't intentionally choose colors that represented anything...but I see I have brown for desert, red for blood, and blue for the parting of the waters. Coolness - and it wasn't planned that way, honest! I just like earth-tones...but needed something to make it "pop", and the blue was handy.

I think we're now ready.....or will be, once everything gets here. The overwhelming urge to MAKE something for Passover has passed, so I hope that means we're good to go. I have fabric to make Hanukkah placemats, but I haven't got any overwhelming MUST DO THIS urges there, yet.

I need to get photos of Herself's stuff....

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