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Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

No rest for the weary...

this is gonna be random, as I've only had MAYBE 4 hours of sleep in the last 36. :sigh: This is getting old, Lord...

1. I was wondering how the Adversary had been able to totally screw up Christianity in such a short amount of time - I mean, by the 4th Century, it was TOTALLY screwed. And I realized - he's had lots of practice - look what he's done to Judaism! I mean.....the Jews say that Moses received *2* Torahs on the Mountain - the Written Torah (or Scriptures...aka "Old Testament", although it's neither Old nor...never mind, that's not relevant to this discussion.) and the "Oral Torah", which eventually became the Talmud. Ummm.....I have a problem with that. First, Scripture doesn't mention "Oral Torah" at all - and it DOES mention the Lord giving people something directly in their minds (the chief craftsman for the Wilderness Tabernacle, for example). That's a red flag. Also, the "Oral Torah" was to be kept secret from non-Jews......and the Lord does NOT hide things from His people (who are not "Jews" in the eyes of...well, Jews. :grin:) And let's not go into how a lot of Jews hold Talmud up equal to - or even above! - Torah!

2. People are funny. We had to go into Dallas yesterday - I had only bought a yard of the 2 Hanukkah fabrics for placemats...and, for 6 placemats, I need about 1.25 yards. :sigh: We have no local fabric store - unless you count the Quilting shop, which is too overpriced and not doing too well (Fridays are buy 2 fat quarters, get 1 free...and sometimes buy 2 get 2 free. Plus other freebies to try and drum up business; they're never busy when I've gone in there, which is also not a good sign.) Anyway, I grabbed the 2 bolts I needed, and noticed that they had adde 2 more Hanukkah fabrics. Got up to the cutting table, told her I needed 1 yard each, and hey - let me go grab one more bolt. Came back, and she was admiring the dreidel fabric (which is AWESOME, but I digress.) She said "Ohhh! Are you making a quilt? This is lovely!" "No - I'm making placemats. But it would be lovely as a quilt, wouldn't it?" "Placemats - that's nice. So. When is........H.....Um.......Your Holiday?" :lol: I was nice - and it was a pleasant surprise that someone - who looked like a typical Texas Baptist, to be honest - was willing to chat about something she really didn't know about. We kept it light - don't want to pull a Southern Baptist on people (if you don't understand, you're lucky. Around here, the Southern Baptists seem to think that it's their responsibility to drag you to God, kicking and screaming if necessary. :sigh: They pull the fire-and-brimstone card if you don't agree with their views about church, too. )

3. People. There seems to be a quiet desperation about shoppers this year - and I see FULL carts and lots of credit cards. I hope folks aren't going into massive debt for what is honestly no more than a commercial holiday. Ah, well - not my problem.

4. Work - got all of the contract work done, and am about to start on the Financial Advisor's company. I REALLY want to get home early tomorrow - they say the weather is supposed to turn wintry...and I don't do well on slick roads. I figure, if I can get most of the printing and downloading out of the way, then I can maybe get home "on time". :fingers crossed:

5. SG has a fire lit, and it's nice. Too bad I'm too tired to enjoy it....

6. The Hanukkah placemats are DONE, and I've started a table runner with the 3rd fabric. It's an all-over print of cheerful, colorful menorahs - and I LOVE it. Not as much as the dreidel fabric, but it's a "happy" print, and will go really well with our menorah, which is a multi-colored ceramic one. I'm thinking I need to make a challah cover out of this fabric, too....but would it be over-kill? I mean, at most I'd use it the whole month....4 Sabbaths. I have a nice, blue-and-brown one that I like....but......I dunno if I "need" a Hanukkah one. What say you, guys? I'm not Becky Home-Ec'y or Hannah Homemaker - I don't have dedicated plates for every single holiday (like, say, my MIL - the turkey dishes come out for Thanksgiving dinner only, as do the Easter Bunny ones, and the Santa ones, and and....yeah.), I don't *do* holiday decorating, for the most part.....but I....I miss X-mess decorations.

We don't do a tree....I have the feeling that if I did, I'd be seen as a hypocrite (I live in the Bible Belt, y'all. Chrischuns do trees and lights and go all out. Some Jews do the blue-and-white lights, as well as Menorahs.....but in my little town, I stand out because we DON'T do the yard art and light displays and huge trees. I.....just can't do a tree. Every fiber of my being says "NO" when I think about getting another, we haven't been doing *anything*. I miss the decorations...which is why I am happy we are doing a window menorah this year. I have a Hanukkah tablecloth..but it isn't quite enough to satisfy my latent Hannah genes....and I guess that's why I am happily arranging fabric squares for the table runner, and why I spent a few hours making dreidel placemats - and why I think I *need* a Hanukkah challah cover. :sigh: At least I'm not looking for dreidel table settings! :lol:)

I need to get some more tea in me...I'm dead tired, and it's not even 3 PM yet. I'll try to get pictures of my placemats - they're dead easy to make! And they look nice when finished, too (mine would look nicer if I could sew better, but I'm happy with them. I LOVE the fabric....and...I bought the rest of the bolt of it. I'm trying to decide what I need to make with 1.75 yards of dreidel fabric...I already have placemats, and I made a bag to keep our dreidels in. Coasters won't take too much......:grin:)

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