Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I JUST got home...

so, this is kinda rambly. Sorry.

Hearth asked about storage. :snerk: Let's house has a nice-sized kitchen. Not large-large, but not tiny. I have 10 cabinets.....there's 4 on one side, with the stove (plus a tiny one above the micro-hood, but I don't count it. It holds my dye powders, and that's all that fits); there's 6 on the side with the sink (plus the space under the sink; also not counted). The stove-side top cabinets hold my baking supplies and snacks; the bottom ones have the cookie sheets/baking dishes/etc. On the other side, the top 3 hold the dishes - packed FULL, because they aren't that large - the bottom 3 hold the small appliances, the milking stuff, and my tupperware. I have an island that I bought that holds my baking equipment (measuring cups/spoons, the attachments for the mixer, the cutting boards); the top is cluttered with flour/sugar (I don't want them out in the garage, where the pantry is, because I'm not totally sure the mice are gone) and the bottom holds my big pots. My other pots and pans are on a rack that surrounds the light - we are tight on space here. (SG has finally accepted the fact that the kitchen will *never* be "House Beautiful" looking - we just do NOT have the space. :sigh:)

Right now, my fine china takes up 1 shelf. It's crammed in there pretty tightly - but there's no other place for it. My tablecloths and placemats are in a cheap wooden file cabinet in the entry hall (yeah. TOTALLY not convenient, but what'cha gonna do?). The kiddush cups are squeezed in where ever they'll fit....:sigh: I LOVE my house...but I have too much hobby-stuff for it. I really need a studio......the loom is massive..and I have 2 table looms, 5 wheels, and the sewing machine/serger all packed in there, too. (The only thing I'm willing to re-home is one of the table looms. Each of my wheels has a purpose, and is used. I'm only using 1 of the table looms, and neither kid is into weaving now. So......:sigh:)

I have a solution, though. We've been looking for a nice curio-type cabinet to hold the Feast stuff. Didn't find one.....but Cynthia's cleaning out her mom's house, and has offered me a nice.....the easiest way to describe it is a "barrister's bookcase" - the shelves have glass doors that open up and slide back into the shelf. She's also offered me a china cabinet. We will be doing a massive rearranging this weekend, in order to fit these in the house. The china cabinet will house the fine china and the tablecloths/placemats/etc. The other piece will house the Feast stuff and the "pretty" stuff.

Eventually, the garage will be converted to a room. We intended it to be for SG's aunt...but she's digging her heels in and won't even consider moving. SO.....guess it'll be my weaving studio (which was plan #2), and the current fiber room will be converted into the Formal Dining room it was intended to be. That'll help open up the cabinets....and we can move our (too-large) table into *there* and put in a smaller breakfast table in the nook (where we eat now). Which will open up THAT area, as well.

I need to finish up work stuff. :bangs head: This time it wasn't US that had the problem - it was the database system. It somehow lost a day on some of the landmen......and no one knows how it did it. (And it was the system, not a person, because my records and the office records *matched* but the system changed overnight. Fun stuff! At least I was 2.5 hours ahead of the game this morning....)

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