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We did 2 days of school today, so I'm a bit fuzzled. *You* get photos, because it's an easy post! :lol:

I'm not Holly Homemaker, but I do like pretty things. I don't go all out (like my MIL....seriously. Y'all have NO idea.....special plates for each holiday, along with themed wall quilts, placemats, and craft-y decorations. Martha Stewart has NOTHING on my MIL!), but it's nice to have holiday-themed place stuff, y'know?

Anyway, I have a Hanukkah tablecloth - it's blue and white squares with various Hanukkah-themed items woven in. It's nice, but by itself it's just not that festive. So....I decided to make placemats. Decorative AND useful - a big plus!

SUPER simple. I bought some pre-quilted fabric that had fabric on each side (some of them only have fabric on 1 side; the other is the batting) and cut it 18" x 12" (or thereabouts). I cut strips of my dreidel fabric selvedge-to-selvedge (because I liked the way the dreidels ran; I would have used less fabric if I'd cut them length-wise instead) 4.5" wide. I folded them in half, and ironed them, then folded up .25" on each side. I pinned them into place, and sewed them down. If I'd been a little more precise in my lining up the edges, I'd have been able to do it in one pass; I had to go back and "catch" the edges that weren't perfectly aligned. Ah, set, I'll hand-baste the strips in place so that they're lined up perfectly (This set was pin-basted, works, but hard to get both edges even). I LOVE how they turned out!

Here's the table runner, using the 3rd fabric I bought:

It turned out almost perfect! I love the cheerful fabric, but it's hard to use unless you "fussy-cut" the tree out. Which wastes fabric.....but I like how this turned out. It looks REALLY good with our Hanukkah menorah:

Sorry about the alignment on these - I'm fixing lunch, trying to post, and trying to rearrange furniture here. Ah, well.....:lol: (I did try to rotate them in LJ..but I'm not sure it worked. If the pictures are aligned correctly, disregard this note! :lol:)

I like how the runner complements the menorah - it's so cheerful! The dark blue ties it in with the placemats......but I wanted something..more.'s what I've got for the Hanukkah Challah cover:

This is the entire top; the pattern is loosely based on "log cabin". I fussy-cut a square of the "Happy Hanukkah" fabric, then did the strips outside it. It wasn't large enough, so Himself suggested I make another square, only mirror-imaged. I like how it turned out, but I'm not sure what to do for the backing or the border. Maybe strips of the "Happy Hanukkah" fabric? Or should I go with a solid color, and use the fabric as the backing? Suggestions happily accepted!

Here's a close-up of one block:

I'm out of the yellow and brown completely. I have some of the blue left, and at least a yard of the dreidel fabric. I don't want to use the dreidel fabric as the back - because I'd be tempted to use that as the top....and that would kinda defeat the purpose. :grin: It turned out larger than my Sabbath Challah cover, but that's OK - the Sabbath one barely covered the bread last week! :lol:

Gotta check on lunch - later!

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