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The number of the day is:

5. 5 new DVDs arrived today! Yup - got the new Shalom Sesame set today. It's NOT the same ones I already have - these are totally different! Haven't watched any of them yet (still got some checks to input, so it's a work day), but here's what's included:

The Land of Israel/Tel-Aviv/Kibbutz
The People of Israel/Jerusalem
Chanukah/Sing Around the Seasons
Journey to Secret Places/Aleph-Bet Telethon
Passover/Kids Sing Israel

The descriptions are TOTALLY different from the first set; it appears that they go more in-depth. We'll see...normally I'll watch sets in order; this time I'm going to start with Chanukah, since it's coming up. (In fact, we'll be watching it during, I'll review it later. :grin:)

The set was what? $45? Not bad for 11 episodes - especially if it's more educational!

In other's still COLD. 46 right now - but it's a COLD 46; there's a strong North wind blowing. All the critter water was frozen this AM (28*. BRRRRRRRRRR). The woodstove has been going since yesterday - and I'm STILL cold. :brrrrrr:

Gonna go watch some TV now....

ETA</a>:'s..."vintage" Sesame Street. It's got LOTS more Hebrew - the songs are both English and Hebrew, and it seems to be actually IN Israel, instead of on a sound stage somewhere in NY. The clips of kids doing whatever are.....well, judging by the clothes, they're from the late '70's/early 80's. It's got that Sesame "camp" vibe going on - which Himself liked more than the other set. It's also got ALL the Sesame characters, not just Grover. (Ernie took a bath while singing a new song; the verse was sung in English then in Hebrew. In the first set we bought, Ernie just had quick cameos; this is a long production.)

In the Extras, there's a teaching guide - haven't looked at it yet, but that could be a good thing. No "Postcard from Grover", no rush look at stuff - this - at least THIS episode - seems to be more educational. We'll see.....I gotta add it to my Lesson Plan. :lol:

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