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The Lord is Good!


Previous Entry The Lord is Good! Dec. 9th, 2011 @ 02:41 pm Next Entry
Yes, He is. I know I sing that song a lot, but I can't help it - He is! </a>

It's taller than what we wanted, but that is a Blessing. See, the bottom shelf is my tablecloths, the next up is my place mats, the next up is my Feast stuff, and the top shelf is our Shabbat stuff. If it was any shorter, it wouldn't hold everything! The Lord knew what I needed, and He provided. :squiggles:

This took about 30 minutes to clean up, and it cleaned up nicely. It is a cheap DIY one, but it's from the early 80's, I think - and it's more quality than the cheap DIY ones you buy now. The panels are REAL glass, not the cheap plastic they include now, and the whole thing is *heavy*. It looks nice in place, and it holds all our stuff - and I still have room! (Good thing, too - I still have the Seder stuff coming, and the kids' kiddush cups, and our Havdalah set. And...um, the 8" Hanukkah plate I just got today for latkes. What? I couldn't resist it - it was pretty, and under $20. I may not be as bad as my MIL, but I like pretty things, and I do like decorating for holidays. Even if I don't go all out. :grin:)

We'll be going back in the next week or so to get the china cabinet - it's solid wood, and it's GORGEOUS. Needs cleaning, of course, but hey - I don't mind. I need to rearrange the weaving room - I think the sewing table may end up in the living room, but we'll see. Eventually I'll have a *real* fiber room (the garage) and I'll have a *real* dining room. That'll be nice....eventually. For now, we have what we have - and it works, so I'm happy. :nods:

Got chili in the crock pot, so no white Shabbat tablecloth tonight. :lol: We're back to the blue one - still looks nice, but not as special. I just....can't risk the pretty tablecloth with the kids and chili. Even with place mats, that's not a risk I'm willing to take.

Shabbat Shalom!

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