Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Busy as usual....

although our Sabbath was more restful than usual. We spent most of it at SG's aunt's - the house is being repainted, and we had to pick up paint and trim. Found the *perfect* storm door for our house....we'll see if we actually buy it. (All glass, except for a narrow stained-glass trim. Pretty, unpretentious, and would set off the front door (which has a celtic knot) beautifully.)

Today I finished work. ALL of it. I am caught up! (Except for FA's stuff, but that's never-ending. :sigh:) SG and Himself worked on the "love shack" area - we're putting in a "real" barn. In the Spring, it'll be the kid area; come breeding season it'll be where the buck and his harem hang out. We have a temporary shelter, but it provides no protection from winter....hence the real barn. The ground is finally soft enough that the auger can drill :huzzah!:

Am almost done with SG's aunt's quilt. Need to put trim on a fleece blanket for Cynthia, then get back to place mats. Started a new Shabbat set - white with blue Star-of-David fabric borders. Yes, I have a nice set - but I only made 4; our table seats 6. I want to have a set of 6 for "just in case". Then it'll be on to the Passover set (should we be here).

The kids go back to Granny's Dec. 30. That was the latest I could put it off.....:sigh:

I was reading my Jewish books....a couple of them mention in passing that Messiah *might* come during Hanukkah.....interesting thought. (Basically, God provided a Redeeming Hero in Judah Maccabee; Messiah would be a fulfillment of that. The books were a little more in-depth, but this is the nutshell version)

SG is grilling steaks tonight - tomorrow is my b-day, but it's supposed to rain, so we're doing dinner tonight. :nom nom nom: Smells *fantastic*, and the steaks aren't on the grill yet! :grin:

Need to work on the aunt's quilt....

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