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Busy as usual....


Previous Entry Busy as usual.... Dec. 11th, 2011 @ 05:05 pm Next Entry
although our Sabbath was more restful than usual. We spent most of it at SG's aunt's - the house is being repainted, and we had to pick up paint and trim. Found the *perfect* storm door for our house....we'll see if we actually buy it. (All glass, except for a narrow stained-glass trim. Pretty, unpretentious, and would set off the front door (which has a celtic knot) beautifully.)

Today I finished work. ALL of it. I am caught up! (Except for FA's stuff, but that's never-ending. :sigh:) SG and Himself worked on the "love shack" area - we're putting in a "real" barn. In the Spring, it'll be the kid area; come breeding season it'll be where the buck and his harem hang out. We have a temporary shelter, but it provides no protection from winter....hence the real barn. The ground is finally soft enough that the auger can drill :huzzah!:

Am almost done with SG's aunt's quilt. Need to put trim on a fleece blanket for Cynthia, then get back to place mats. Started a new Shabbat set - white with blue Star-of-David fabric borders. Yes, I have a nice set - but I only made 4; our table seats 6. I want to have a set of 6 for "just in case". Then it'll be on to the Passover set (should we be here).

The kids go back to Granny's Dec. 30. That was the latest I could put it off.....:sigh:

I was reading my Jewish books....a couple of them mention in passing that Messiah *might* come during Hanukkah.....interesting thought. (Basically, God provided a Redeeming Hero in Judah Maccabee; Messiah would be a fulfillment of that. The books were a little more in-depth, but this is the nutshell version)

SG is grilling steaks tonight - tomorrow is my b-day, but it's supposed to rain, so we're doing dinner tonight. :nom nom nom: Smells *fantastic*, and the steaks aren't on the grill yet! :grin:

Need to work on the aunt's quilt....

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