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Monday, Monday....


Previous Entry Monday, Monday.... Dec. 12th, 2011 @ 12:38 pm Next Entry
and it's one of THOSE days. The type of day where the office will explode if I don't help . The kind where the phone rings Every. Ten. Minutes. :bangs head: Ah, well......

We're doing "Hebrew in 10 Minutes a Day" every day. It's....OK. IF you have some way of *hearing* the words, it's good. If you don't, you'll be guessing at a lot of the pronunciation, because some of the phonetics they have....don't read the way the word is supposed to sound (per Rosetta Stone, anyway. And Word Power Hebrew. And EuroTalk Hebrew. Yes, I have multiple programs - is that a problem? :lol:) The book also moves FAST - Lesson 1 is the aleph bet, and Lesson 6 is colors - and they're all in Hebrew. Sink or swim!

I've got to get Cynthia's prezzie finished. It's simple - I bought 2 yards of polar fleece in a blue-with-brown-owls pattern at JoAnn's, and 4 packs of bias tape. The tape is currently pinned to the edges; all I have to do is sew it on. Fast, easy - and she'll LOVE it, because it's owls. :happy dance: If the phone would quit ringing, I'd be able to knock it out....:sigh:

It's warm here today- 50*. Still too cold for *me*, but hey - 50* is better than 33* any day!

The Jewish books I've been reading have sparked something, but it's tenuous and at the edge of my consciousness. I need to keep reading and see what comes out......or let Anna post her thoughts and see what happens. :lol:

Off to sew - I need to knock that blanket out!

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