Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

This too shall pass

I am disappointed right now. Cyn just called - she found out our bonuses today. :sigh:

Mr. Boss gave *good* bonuses. My first year there, when I made $12K/year, I got $1K. The next year, he upped it - in fact, he upped it every single year, even the years we didn't have a great year. (Except 1 year, when he kept it the same; we had a MAJOR loss that year, so the fact that he didn't cut the bonuses was much appreciated.)

Ms. boss is....not Mr. Boss.

Yes, my hours and my salary were cut. (Salary in half, to be exact.) hours were, in actuality, NOT cut, because the agreement was 1/2 day 2x/month, and I'd do some stuff at home. in reality, I'm working 1.5 days/month (IN office, I mean), and get at least 5 phone calls per week, plus numerous emails. This week.....Cyn has called me 10 times today, and I got 8 emails over the WEEKEND from FA.

So. I didn't expect last year's bonus. I didn't....I didn't even expect HALF of last year's bonus. Honest. I knew Ms boss wouldn't do that....I did, however, think I'd get $2K (which would still be a drastic cut from *half* of last year's bonus). That would be enough to make the down payment on the land next door.

I am getting $1K. Disappointed? You betcha. Upset - not really. It's in God's hands...and apparently we're not supposed to get a contract on the land right now. I'm...OK with that, but I'm gonna be honest - I'm disappointed at the amount. :sigh:

Especially since the company profit is right at $500K.

Ah, well - things are lining up such that I don't see myself being there much longer. (Yes, Anna - seriously! :wink:) I am DONE with the contract work - and by done, I mean DONE. I need to go in next Monday for FA's company....but the kids are coming with me, so I don't have to rush (What? The company is CLOSED, so, technically, I could have refused to come in. I didn't, though - and it's not the first time. Never mind....I'll lose my calm.) Then nothing until the first Monday in January - should we be here. (Please, Lord? Hanukkah is coming up....I'd LOVE for you to do your thing, y'know?)

Anyway - I have a nice dinner to get ready for, and a doc. appt tomorrow (which means a possible lunch date with the hubster.) Life is good!

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