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We've been attempting to learn Hebrew as part of our curriculum. It's God's own language, so I figured (and SG agreed) it was something we needed to do. He shelled out $$$ to buy Rosetta Stone last's OK, but honestly? It doesn't quite live up to the hype. So, I've been looking for stuff to supplement it.

For reading, RS *sucks*. The "best" site I've found (I have reservations) is Sarah David. I purchased their app - which is good - but wanted something I could *hold in my hand*. I ordered the Adult set...and I'm a little underwhelmed. The Aleph-Bet Story is simply the app in book form. Nice...but not what I expected. The Primer....I think it's missing something. Page 2 has 3 pictures at the bottom, and the student is supposed to write what they are (in Hebrew, of course). The problem is - NO WHERE does it have the Hebrew for them. (The instructions say that the teacher will pronounce the word, and the student should then use the letters they've learned to write it down. Um. Yeah. :sigh:) I haven't looked at the Skill and Drill book yet - I'm sure I'm not ready for it.

Hebrew in 10 Minutes a Day is probably the cheapest option - you can get older copies for next to nothing on Amazon/Powell's/eBay. The copies with the CD run a bit more...but, from what I can tell, the CD doesn't add much. We have 1 copy.....I really need to pop it in and check it out. :grin: Anyway - it's.....OK. It's focused on getting a person ready for a trip to Israel, and it relatively "intensive". We're using it every day - but since we've been using RS, it's not too difficult. (In fact, it helped us figure out what 1 RS Lesson may have been saying. :grin:)

Shalom Sesame - both sets - is a gentle introduction to Hebrew, but you won't be any kind of fluent after watching them. The 12-DVD set focuses more on the Traditions, and the other seems to be more of an intro to Israeli life. (We haven't watched all of them yet, so I'm not sure of the scope.) Search for these on eBay - they're too expensive otherwise.

Well-Trained mind has a couple of suggestions. 1 of them....didn't have good reviews, but the other one is Behrman House. I haven't done much poking around here, but this looks promising. I can't indulge right now, but I've bookmarked the site for later perusal.

Another thought I had.....I have (numerous) Bibles.....why not purchase a Bible in Hebrew? Granted, the translation won't be quite the same,'s why I'm looking at buying a set with Rashi's commentaries. Might not be a big help, but it'll help some.

What I want - and I don't know that they make anything like this - is Sesame Street, but "punched up". Fun videos that are educational...that aren't priced out of my league. I haven't found it yet...but I'm still looking. I have a hunch I may need to find some Israeli-based sites, and see what they have there. (We have English-videos, it makes sense to me that they'd have Hebrew-videos.'d be like RS, but in moving form. Might help.)

Anna links some You Tube videos yesterday - I need to go and check them out (and see what else is out there.) I'll be honest - I don't think of You Tube when I'm looking for educational stuff, because I want to have the stuff *in hand*. You Tubes can be deleted at any time...which can wreck havoc on a well planned lesson plan. I tend to plan out in big chunks - I'm set thru mid-January; while the kids are at Granny's (should we be here), I'll be planning thru at least mid-March. Math is the only thing I really can't do that far out, but everything else I can. I like the "open-and-go" aspect of that - I just open Planbook, print the upcoming week, and we're good. If I need to edit it, it's easy - and, again, Math is the only thing I don't plan that far out. I try to do it week-by-week, since I don't know what'll confuse the kidlets.

It stormed all night, so it's a muddy mess out there. Gotta go milk, then school, then off to the bank. Should be a fun day.....:grin:

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