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Happy Boxing Day!

Although in our house, we pronounce it "Bookstore Day"! :lol: The kids (and I) got B&N cards for Hanukkah, and they (and I) got Half Price cards for giftmas (no matter HOW many times we explain that we DON'T celebrate giftmas, the grands and IL's won't listen. :sigh:), so we headed out this AM to cash them in.

At B&N I scored 2 art books - a Watercolor how-to, and a "How to Draw Star Wars" for Himself. I NEED to get him more excited about art, and this *might* do it. I hope. Both kids spent their B&N cards, too, and we headed out to Half Price. (OH! Homeschoolers, take note: B&N has an Educator's card - 20% off EVERYTHING - and Homeschooling parents qualify. It's FREE, and better than the paid-for 10% off membership (they don't stack them, darn it....we now have both cards. Oh, well...)

At HP, I hit the MOTHERLODE. Art books out the wazoo - I now have how-tos on: Pastels, Watercolors, Oil, and Acrylics. Plus a couple I need to mail out (the usual suspects need to watch their mailboxes; I'll be going to the Post Office on Wednesday. :wink:). Plus a bunch of mythology books for Himself (he'll read those; a house full of books, and he'll only read myths. :sigh:). Plus a couple of Jewish-studies books. Even with my gift card I spent...well, too much, but everything in the store is 20% off this week, and....well, I love books.

The internet is great; I love that I can click and find videos and tutorials on just about anything...but. What happens when you get disconnected? It happens.....I don't want to be stuck with an art assignment and no way for the kids to learn. So, books are necessary. And Half Price is THE way to go (well, eBay is my first choice :grin:) because the prices are SO good. I got 2 Cathy Johnson watercolor books today - 1 for $5 (retail is $25!!) and 1 for $8 (retail is $35!!!!), just as an example (and the $8 one was almost stolen by another customer - she picked it up OUT OF MY STACK, and acted all surprised when I got upset. Hel-LO, can't you see my PURSE sitting ON TOP of that stack????? And me standing right NEXT TO IT???????)

I have to go thru my current books now and donate a bunch. I've cleaned out 2 shelves in the bedroom, but it's time to weed thru the Homeschool cabinet. Some I'll donate for sure; some I'll see if anyone here wants 'em. I don't have room, more's the pity...and I have LOTS of books. More, now...:heh:

Tonight is night #7 - Happy Hanukkah!

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