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Happy New Year...

y'know my "let's re-do the countertops" project? The one where I'd get a "new" kitchen for, say, $30? It's morphed into "Let's re-do the ENTIRE kitchen!!" :bangs head:

We have the paint for the countertop. I spent a little more than I expected - but I'm pretty sure I bought too much paint. (Like.....double what I need too much. :sigh:). Right now, we're at $70-ish (I plan on doing a proper accounting when I'm done, to see how much paint I ended up actually using) - the paints were CHEAP (on sale - LOVE it!), but I also bought some foam brushes (Michael's had 1" ones for $.05/each.....we found this out AFTER we'd spent $10 at Home Depot for some. :sigh:), and the Polycrylic Clear coat was $18/pint (and we bought 2 pints.) We already had the Oil-based Kilz, so we didn't have to purchase *that* ($27/gallon. :wince: Not sure if they had smaller cans; if they did, I didn't see them).

So. Friday afternoon I painted a piece of plywood with white acrylic so I'd have a "practice" board. I know it isn't going to be representative of my countertops - the wood is porous, and has grain lines and texture, while the countertops don't - but I wanted to see if the colors we bought would work. I played with the paints yesterday (Himself helped, too - he thinks sponge-painting is "Fun! And COOL!" :snicker:).....I like the way the colors interact, but it doesn't look like granite. (The Home Depot guy yesterday told me it was "Cool! Very Jackson Pollock-y - what'cha doing?" - not exactly the look I was going for, but it works! :lol:)

Anyway, the board dried, and I plopped it on the current countertop to see the effect. I LIKE it - it really brightens up the room! - but.

We already knew we'd have to do something about the backsplash. These counters go all the way up to the bottom of the cabinets, in 1 piece...and granite doesn't do that. So, both of us knew we had to talk tile, or more paint, or *something*. What we didn't consider was that....well, the cabinets in the kitchen aren't the ones I had ordered when I bought the house. I ordered "Golden Oak" - a nice, rich, medium-darkish color. They shipped "pale" oak - SG calls it "pickled"...these cabinets are very, very, LIGHT. (At that point, I was SO tired of having to send stuff back - they kept sending the wrong things (RED shutters, wrong cabinets for the micro-hood, wrong trim color....:sigh:) and I finally said "ENOUGH. I can live with this."...which is how I ended up with these weird green countertops to begin with. They were supposed to be faux slate. Not...whatever Corian calls this mossy green.)

Well....with the colors of the new countertops, the cabinets are too light, and it makes the kitchen look too "blah". Money's an issue - we can't afford to replace the cabinets. I hate the look of painted SG trundles over to the stain department....and $40 later we have "Gunstock" stain (a nice cherry-looking color) and wood conditioner. Of course...this means we have to sand down the current cabinets, which necessitated the purchase of a hand-held sander ($99).

And we haven't bought tile or wall paint yet! :bangs head:

Still. We're at approx. $250 right now (the numbers add to $210, but I want to be sure I'm not under-estimating. And again - I'm not using ALL $70 worth of acrylics and polycoat; I'm only going to count what bottles I use, but this is what we've spent so far.) We're looking at another...$300, easy, for the chosen tile and grout and all that goes with installing tile. (We're not doing expensive tile, but it's not the cheap ceramic either. Off-white limestone-y main tiles, with a strip of the mosaic border down the center. Plus a few glass tiles for sparkle. The mosaic and glass is where the $$$ is, but it's pretty. And SG suggested it. :wink:)

Still. $550 for a complete kitchen re-do (forgot the wall paint...but the kitchen takes maybe a quart, and paint is cheap! Oh, and we're NOT doing the floor right now, thankfully!) isn't bad at all. Granted, I have to do most of the work, but I don't mind - I *like* doing stuff like this. (OK, not tiling....but eh, I don't mind it. It's not that much fun, but SG'll be doing a lot of that,'s good. :grin:)

And all this happened because I am sick of the current counters! :shakes head:

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