Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Early post today...

because I have STONE countertops to seal! :giggle: I won't claim granite, because I'm not sure that there's any granite on the planet that looks like what is currently in my kitchen, but it *does* look like some sort of stone, so......:huzzah: And I used a LOT less paint than I bought (figures. Ah, well - the rest will go into the art box to be used for projects. It's all good!) Total amount of craft paint used: $25.90, but there's quite a bit of that left. I only used 2 small bottles completely ( the glaze is gone, as is one of the bottles of the mid-range brown.) The rest - I have at least a half-bottle of each left; some have more.

I have photos, but I'm hesitant to post them right now - see, the countertops are a nice brown-ish "stone". Looks great. The wall behind the countertop, now.....who knew that the glue used to hold laminate to drywall ages to look like....moldy brown rock? :rofl: Seriously - SG came home last night, gazed at my handiwork, and asked me why in the world I painted the backsplash. Then he realized that I hadn't, it was the leftover glue. :snicker: (Seriously, I will post photos, either later today or tomorrow. You'll just have to forgive the backsplash area.)

The kids are staying an extra week at Granny's. This is good...but I already miss 'em. Still, it gives me time to finish what I can in the kitchen, and to get my gradebook updated (haven't done ANYTHING this semester. :hangs head:), and to get over this cold-from-hell I have come down with. :sigh: I went from fine to scratchy throat to so mucous-y I can't breathe in 24 hours. :ugh: And now SG has it......

It's almost time to do the 2nd coat of Polycrylic. I LOVE how it's making the paint look, well, real. The can recommends 3 coats (2 hours between coats), but I am going to keep adding to it all day today. If I've calculated correctly, I'll put the 6th and final coat on at 5 PM today. Tomorrow evening I can clear off my table.......IF SG gets the wood cut for the "stone" backsplash (3" tall, to tie the stone into the tile work.). :fingers crossed:

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