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Ramblings of a tired fiberaddict...

We have managed to "finish" the last corporate tax return. My brain exploded somewhere during the K-1 phase.....urk. I *hate* tax season - you have to prepare 15 schedules just to get 1 number for a misc. worksheet in the tax papers.

Now, to have it "blessed" by our financial advisor, then we can plop the numbers into the state returns (Turbo Tax does most of the work on that, thankfully!) and we are home free!!

Finn is growing by leaps and bounds (literally). He is solid now - not fragile-feeling like he was 15 days ago. He is content in the lean-to while Erynne is out demanding her dinner - we don't pour it into the bucket fast enough to suit Ms. Priss.

He's also discovered that wooly hats taste great, and tassels are *divine*. Mittens aren't bad, and coat sleeves...those are OK, but mostly because the small 2-legged creature makes silly noises when you grab his arm and nibble. Zippers are fun, too.....but fingers taste nasty. And they don't provide milk - what's up with that? *g*

He's learned to roll in hay - which reminds me. I don't think he's going to go grey. He doesn't follow the Grey Horse Rules for living #1 at all, which states:

1)All grey horses MUST roll in puddles. No exceptions!
1a)If there is no mud, make some, then follow #1

He has ignored the mud, and gone for the hay. Perhaps he's too young to have read the rules? ~hoping~ (His sire is an expert in this - he is now sporting a nifty gray-green coat, because when you get fresh grass wet, then stomp it and roll, you get a lovely dye-job. My back yard now looks great, he....does not.)

Tomorrow Himself and I hit Four Winds. It's tiny, and we'll probably be home by 2. Then we get to finish stringing wire on the girls paddock so I can bring Finn and Erynne home on Sunday. Should be a fun, but busy, weekend.
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