Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I'm so excited!

and I HAD to share this:

It needs to be a)finished and b)grouted, but this is what we've got so far. I'm LOVING it!

Note: If you go to Home Depot and fall in love with 1 of their tile "mosaics" (the ones where they have a bunch of little tiles stuck to what appears to be drywall tape, in various patterns), and the employee tells you that yes, that piece is 12" long, and you need to buy 3/16" tile spacers to use on the 4" tiles you are planning on using with the mosaic - you need to know that they are lying rat b*stards and that no, it's NOT 12" long (well, it may be, but I don't see HOW) and NO, it's NOT 3/16" spacing.

Because if you DO believe them, you'll be zooming along, happily setting your base row of 4" tiles with 3/16" spacing, and you'll get to the 2nd row, where you'd planned on using the mosaic...and you'll get the first 2 in place, step back, and discover that the spacing is ALL WRONG, and that the mosaic strips have ended 1/4" SHORT of the base row. :bangs head:

I had to peel the mosaics off the wall and CUT them into 3 "tiles" each. Then I had to eyeball the placement, because the 3 tiles that make up the 12" mosaic do NOT equal to 4" - they're each a trifle smaller. :sigh: I sent a text to SG, and explained to him that the grout lines aren't going to be precise here - but this was the only way to make it close. And...I'm pleased with it. (So was he, when he saw the photo I texted him. :whew:!)

Good news is that by cutting them, I was able to make a much more pleasing to me pattern. :grin:

The blue glass tiles add just enough "zing" to it - I LOVE it.

You'll, umm, note that we DIDN'T use the 3" "granite" backsplash. We were going to - we still have the wood! - but while at HD yesterday looking for a grout float, we started browsing the tiles again (we're going to do the entry hall soon. I think I've created a monster here!). I found these...I dunno what to call them; they're 12" long and about 1" high, half-rounds. Both of us looked at them, and said "THIS will work...and it'll be easier than trying to match rock patterns with paint, AND we won't have to worry about the finish."

Only - they're $4.50 each. :sigh: Which just upped the cost of the re-do. BUT.....I like the look. I like the texture......and I like how it goes with both the limestone travertine tile and the painted countertop.

Still think I need to re-do the cabinets...I'm afraid that the backsplash - when finished - is going to make the kitchen to "beige-y" for my taste if the cabinets stay the same. We'll see.....we need to finish this wall (SG said "Please don't do all of it today - I need to learn how to tile too, you know!" As if - *I* can't cut the tile, so I'm pretty much done for now. There's PLENTY of tiling left to do - behind the sink and under the bar, and the whole other side of the kitchen. I don't think he needs to worry about not learning how to do this....) and the other side before moving on to the cabinets.

And then, we paint. Oy!

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