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Had to find an ortho that could take SG in TODAY, because...well....I won't say because he's whining, but...he's a guy. He hurts. :lol: (I KNOW it hurts - his foot is swollen and purple-y pink)

Funny thing, trying to explain to a new doctor what happened. See, we live in the country, on 5 acres. We have a large backyard, but it's just a small portion of our property. Every weekend, SG lets the dogs out into the front yard to run around - they love it. Normally, they stay in the front; sometimes, they'll run around back and romp with the horses, freak out the goats and chickens, and just be goofy.

All fine and dandy, right? Except Saturday, our neighbor's potbelly pigs were out (AGAIN :sigh:) and lounging around the mare paddock. Bree saw one of them, and couldn't figure out if it was food, toy, or carnivorous, so she and Kenzie took off to investigate. SG freaked out - they're not our pigs, and he could see both dogs dining on fresh bacon - and started running after them. (I told him later he should have let 'em go - both pigs are FAST - faster than Bree, even)

We have crushed concrete all the way back to the paddock gates. Some of the chunks are pretty big.....he came down on one wrong and totally screwed up his foot.

Try explaining that to a city-girl receptionist whose idea of "pig" is "bacon wrapped in cellophane in the refrigerated section of the grocery store", and whose idea of "big yard" is a 1/4 acre city lot. :sigh: (And don't bother mentioning the goats/horses/chickens - most city folk can't comprehend why anyone sane would want to own......livestock. :sniff: and :snicker:)

Kitchen: ALL the tilework is DONE. I need 6 more of the half-rounds, but for the most part - DONE. Need to grout (later today, or tomorrow. I'm.....I'm calm about it today. Grout only needs 24 hours to cure, and we're mixing the sealant in with the water, so I won't have to go back with that.) The cabinets.....oy. The cabinets....

I love my house. LOVE it. The builder had just been bought out by Jim Walter, but I had their crews working on it, not JW's. The house is nice.....but.

The cabinets.....the cabinets are wood front. The doors are solid wood. The insides are solid wood. The outside sides........I can't believe this. The outside sides are particle-board covered with a thin film of wood-grain. We found this out after moving the stove out yesterday so I could tile behind it.....I saw what I thought was packing tape sticking up from the backside of the cabinet. Naturally, I pulled at it...and the "wood grain" came off. :bangs head:

So. For the moment, cabinet re-staining is off the table. We're trying to decide the best way to do this.....we're leaning towards buying some nice 1/8" plywood to go on the 3 cabinet sides that you can see, and then staining everything, but.....we're still in the "WTF" stage. (And, something HAS to be done, because I noticed last night that the film is coming off of the cabinet at the end of the bar. :sigh:)

Anyway, we're off to the ER to pick up the x-rays, then off to find this ortho. The local guy couldn't see him until tomorrow, my ortho isn't in today, so.....same practice, different office. I am SO going to get lost....

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