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Quick Update and Link


Previous Entry Quick Update and Link Jan. 9th, 2012 @ 06:22 pm Next Entry
SG has a MRI scheduled for tomorrow at 8. The x-rays don't show anything, but there is SOMETHING wrong (the doc said "Um.. Well, the x-rays are clear, but feet aren't...aren't supposed to look like *that*. So....." :lol: Follow up with the local doc is Thursday at 2.

Link: I've been looking at Science stuff, because Himself is almost done with General Science. Herself is...not. There's about a 3 month gap...I don't want him moving into Physical Science until she catches up.....I'd prefer to run the experiments 1 time, not 2. So..gotta find something for him to do while we're waiting.

I found The Happy Scientist. He's got some free stuff online, but an annual subscription is only $20. I'm thinking seriously about subscribing.....we'll see. I'm going to do his free weekly experiment newsletter first...but $20 isn't bad. Less than $2/month.

Also, I downloaded Ellen McHenry's "The Elements". It'll give both kids a head-start on the periodic table.

Gotta go refresh the ice pack.

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