Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It's raining!

We've gotten 2.5" since yesterday! We need it - badly! - but....I'm tired of the blah gray-ness. And the damp chill - I don't do well in the cold. :brrrr:

MRI went well this AM. I have the CD; we'll see what the doc says Thursday.

Kitchen: Still a shambles. SG is going to try to grout it tonight, so that I can maybe get the house back in order on Friday. I put 2 more coats on the countertop today (that makes 10, total.) No, it didn't really *need* them, but SG had dropped some tiles/tools on them while we were tiling, and...well, I just felt that they needed another coat. Or 2.

Finger: Hadn't updated in a while. It's....healing remarkably quickly! The ER said 4-6 months......most of the spot is already filled in with new skin. It's VERY tender, but that's OK - I'm running around in nothing more than a band-aid most days. (Thank you, Lord!)

Books: I LOVE having to go into "town"...especially when it's a town we don't normally go to (yesterday was Plano.) We get to hit new Half Price stores.....the one yesterday wasn't that great, but I got a book on Jewish crafts and games, a couple of Gaelic books for SG (he thinks he wants to learn to speak Gaelic. :snicker: He doesn't have time for Rosetta Stone (well...he does, but he'd rather watch Lost or Red Dwarf. :sigh:), so how he thinks he'll learn Gaelic.....ah, well. I still hunt for him, because that's just how I roll. I found a book on tatting, which I grabbed, and we scored a BEAUTIFUL photography book called "The Synagogue". Photos of Synagogues from around the world - for $12. It's a coffee-table book....and I'm itching to dig into it. (Been doing work-work today. :sigh:)

Art: I have scored a number of art workbooks on eBay. Numerous books by Cathy Johnson (watercolor and sketching) and a few Walter Foster drawing books. Can't wait to start using those!

Need to get back to work...:sigh:

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Tags: blather, books, home improvement

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