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Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Kitchen is DONE! (almost)

Still need to get some more of the dome-thingys for the bottom of the tile, but everything is grouted and sealed (we used a 1-step something or other.) Let's do some quick accounting:

Paint for Countertops: $30 (although I didn't use all the paint. If I went by what I actually USED, it's closer to $15)

Kilz - already had; probably would have taken 1 qt $17

Polycrylic - 2 quarts $36

Tile: $140 for the travertine, the 6 glass tiles, and the mosaics. This is for ALL the kitchen!

Dome-thingys: $140 (I think. They're $4.85 each, and we've got 19. I need 7 more - I think. So, I estimated a little high.)

Grout: $15

Mastic: $15

Total for supplies: $253 (I over-stated some of the prices; for example, I didn't buy the Kilz. I wanted to price it as if I had to buy *everything*)

Now, we also bought some tools for this job, that'll be used later. Let's throw them in as well:

Rigid Multi-Tool: $99

Qep Wet Tile Cutting Saw: $88

Grout Float: $14

Mastic Float: $7

Sponge: $5

Spacers: $10

So, the grand total is: $476, for a "new" kitchen.

I have 2 cans of gel stain for the cabinets ($17/ea) that haven't been used, and may not be) and 1 more can of Polycrylic. Even if I added those in, it's still not bad ($527 total)

So, for right about $500, we got a new, custom-looking kitchen. I'm pleased with it - and SG says he wants to do the entryway next. Oy. He wants marble-ish ceramic tiles in there......I'm laughing, because really - Marble? In THIS house? With horses and goats and chickens and dogs and kids? :lol: If that's what he wants, that's what we'll do, though - I shouldn't be the only one making decorating decisions here. (But, really - Marble??? :lol: I'd go for slate-ish, myself...but whatever. It'll look nice, whatever he chooses!)

I need to post photos now that it's all been grouted....later. My phone is charging, and I can't get to the camera (it's buried on the dining table. That's tomorrow's project - Get the Kitchen Back in Order.)

ETA We went back today (2/12/12) to re-seal the counters. The Polycrylic is FINE, but I am paranoid. I was terrified the kids were going to damage my paint job by dropping stuff on the we broke down and bought the bar-top stuff. 1 set of EnviroTex (16 oz; $27 from Dick Blick) and *2* sets of Parks Super Glaze (16 oz each/$23 each). Yes, it took 48 oz of epoxy, because the 1 box of EnviroTex wasn't quite enough....and by the time we had re-coated everything with the Parks, it took 2 boxes to even everything out.

Now, though, we have a THICK clear coat on the counters, and it'll protect them from EVERYTHING. (It has to be sanded down, it can't be removed any other way)

So - while I can recommend the Polycrylic....I HIGHLY recommend the bar-top stuff. Especially if you're paranoid.

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