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One of the worst things about my card being cancelled (besides the whole "theft" issue!) is that there are a LOT of books I need to order...and I can't, because and Amazon don't take Paypal (yes, Paypal sucks...but at least they've done a decent job of keeping my info safe. The paypal-alternatives I've looked at don't have the safety rep, yet, that Paypal I stay. For now.)

See, I'm a planner (I have all our textbooks and most of the "extras" thru HS graduation). Most of the homeschoolers - well, most of the LOCAL ones - that I know...well, aren't. Most of them (again, the locals) don't appear to really be into the educational future of their kids - 1 thinks that taking an afternoon trailride with her kids fulfills the educational portion of the entire day (nature, science, exercise, language arts (they talk, don't they?) etc.). I....can't think like that. Yes, learning takes place all the time - but you'll never be able to convince me that a 10 year old can control a stubborn pony and at the same time actually LEARN science, nature, etc. (REAL science, I mean.) I don't consider pointing out stuff you see ("OH, look - a roadrunner! And a Dog! Whee! We've done our nature study for the day!" ) to actually count (because I KNOW this mom doesn't go back and actually TEACH anything about roadrunners, or dogs, after they get home.) (When we go on walks, we talk about this-n-that; some about what we're studying, some about what we see...and we ALWAYS go home and look up stuff that we didn't know. We also watch a lot of NOVA - but I don't consider that actual Science - it's just for fun.)

Anyway, I'm an oddball here, because I actually CARE about my children's educational future. Himself wants to go to MIT, so I have to make sure I cover what he'll need to actually know to qualify for that. One of the things we're doing is Latin.....we're almost done with Getting Started With Latin by Linney, then we have Minimus and Minimus Secundus by Bell...and then we have Wheelock's Latin, which is intended for college, but I figure both kids'll be ready for it by the time we get to it. (Which should be August, should we be here, and should we keep on at the same speed we are now.)

Now, I suck at setting up lesson plans.....I get distracted, I can't keep things on an even I try to find plans that are already set up for the books that we are using. I'm using a lot of older books - they were cheap, and basics don't change - and there are a LOT of already-set-up plans out there (thankfully!). I just couldn't find one for Wheelock's....

Until I thought to check the Well Trained Mind forums for it. I hit the jackpot - a mom had set up a full syllabus for her 2 young high-schoolers. The problem? She had a lot of "extra" books.....

So I thought about it. Yes, I want them to be comfortable with Latin - it's where a lot of English words come from. Himself wants to be some sort of Engineer...not sure if they need Latin, or not, but it won't hurt. So...I need to score copies of the books she has, so I can use her plans as-is. (And I ordered some plans for our next History text, since I couldn't find anything out there on it...and I'm sure there will be a few extras there, too!) (And that may be where my card was's the only place I used it lately that was "new". :hmmmmm:)

And now I have no card with which to order said books. :bangs head: eBay is fine, sorta - except I have to pay shipping on every. single. book, because there's no 1 seller that has all of them as cheap as I'd like. does...but doesn't take Paypal. :sigh: So.....I am making lists. I WILL get me some books....soon as my card comes in.

I just wish that the locals were more........into? Is that word I want? their kids' future education. I mean.....the 1 mom I mentioned above was SO pleased that her 2 boys were "advanced"......her oldest is Himself's age, and the last time I saw them he STILL couldn't read fluently (Himself is 11.75. We saw them last a couple of years ago.) and her youngest....couldn't read at all (he's 2 years younger than his brother.) I asked - gently! - about learning disabilities...and got a VERY huffy answer back (her kids are Normal! And Advanced! She should know! She's with them every day!) I'm sorry, but a 9 year old that has a hard time with "Dick and Jane" isn't advanced. (Math was worse - her idea of a good math lesson was helping set up her church's rummage sale. See, he's matching prices! That's math! :bangs head:) (Himself is 6th grade, and doing algebra. He's also reading at a college level, and almost into 8th/9th grade Science - and comprehending all of it. Not that I am comparing...but I think I can identify an "advanced" kid when I see one, know what I mean?) (And for comparison's sake, Herself is 9th grade, barely plugging along in Algebra (after Pre-Alg, and Alg I in PS), plugging along in 7th/8th grade Science (that Himself is almost done with) and reading at a college level. She excels in Art, and LOVES History......but I wouldn't call her "advanced". Mostly on grade-level, but that's about it. She's smart....but her issues get in the way of learning.) There's just nobody out here that I can get with to discuss what we're doing, what we need to do, and where to find all the stuff to actually DO it. (And don't suggest the library. Oy! *I* have more books than the local one does; the one in the next town has a slightly larger selection, but not of the books *I* need. And ILL...doesn't work really well out here. I ordered a book 4 years ago that STILL hasn't come in...and they said they were able to get it Right Then. I eventually found a copy on..eBay, I think, and bought it sight-unseen, because I WANTED to read it! :argh: The next-larger town doesn't have a library, and if I have to go into Dallas, I might as well skip the library and hit Half-Price, because I won't have to trek back out there in 2 weeks to return/renew the books I got. :sigh: I love where I live...but there's not a lot of educational opportunities out here, unless I want to drive an hour.)

:sigh: Ah, well - at least I know that I am doing my best for my kiddos - and I'm sure the locals feel the same. I hope that they're actually doing more than I see.....otherwise, they might as well go to PS.

I need to do some work-work, and go excavate my kitchen table. We're still not completely finished with the kitchen, but the kids are coming home *tomorrow*, and I gotta have someplace we can eat at! :flails about wildly:

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