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Going to go get the kids in a bit - gotta let the Jeep warm up first. It's only 27* outside....which is TOO COLD for me. I am a true Southern wildflower - I need sun, and HEAT. :brrrrrr: (I don't warm up until August, usually - everyone else is wilting, and I'm outside soaking up the sun, warm for the first time in months.)

Anna: Got a book yesterday you might be interested in. Nuturing Inquiry: Real Science for the Elementary Classroom I thought I could use some of the ideas.....but I don't think it'll work with a) only 2 kids and b) with Himself. For example, the main idea of this is "discovery boxes" - shoeboxes full of stuff that all relate to a theme. Like, magnetism: the box has various magnets, a variety of magnetic and nonmagnetic items, toy compasses, rubber bands, etc. You hand the kid(s) the box, and turn 'em loose on it to see what they can do with the items.

Sounds great....but Himself simply can't handle that many choices. (I'm working on it!). He'd never get very far, because he fears doing something wrong. "Normal" kids will go nuts testing everything to see what the magnets stick to, what they don't, what happens if you do *this* with a rubber band and alumimum foil.....I think your kids would get a lot out of it. (If you're interested, let me know, and I'll send it to you when I finish it. I LOVE the idea...but he's not ready for that yet. :sigh: Seriously, the kid can't make a decision to save his life. More than 2 choices, and he's stuck for the rest of the day. :bangs head:)

ETA</a> So much for that idea....came home with the kids and the damn dog (Kenzie, I'm looking at YOU) got it OFF of the kitchen table and ATE the cover off of it. :bangs head: AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH! It was in the MIDDLE of the table, too! :sigh: Sorry......

WuJo: Ure has a thing where he "reports" weirdness. I read it for the giggles, usually...but I had something odd happen Monday. I was wearing my tie-dyed Beeriodic Table shirt, and had been wearing it all day. We'd been to the doctor, and to the book store - I'm wearing the shirt ALL day. My hair was up, like it normally is...nothing odd there. Got home, took my hair down...and felt something "skitter" down my back. *I* thought it was a bug or something, and freaked out, then looked at the floor to see what it was (had it been a bug, I'd'a stomped it into Oblivion. :shudder:) It was a tarnished silver thumbtack.

What you need to know is: I don't OWN any silver thumbtacks, tarnished or not. The only ones I can get here are brass, and small - this was BIG. I hadn't leaned up against any walls (so that one could fall into my hair), I hadn't brushed up against any displays......I don't know where the thing came from. Oddness....

Homeschool: I'm going to try to "punch up" stuff a little. I got the plans for our next History text - it's well laid out, and has book reports and essay topics. (Yippee! I don't have to try and come up with ideas!!) I have plans for Minimus, and I was able to score the Teacher's Manual for it and Minimus Secundus, so the "extras" are taken care of there, too. Math...well, I'm going to try and insist they read Life of Fred to add-to that....and I bought the kit from Home Science Tools for our Physical Science experiments (which should ensure that we actually DO the experiments..I kinda let 'em slack the last few chapters of General Science :sigh:).

The only thing I feel is Literature Analysis. :sigh: Homeschool Buyer's Co-op (sorry, no link - but google 'em. They run AWESOME deals, and it's free to sign up. They charge $1.95 per deal for their overhead (which is not bad), and MOST of the stuff can be gotten half-off.)

Oh! Ali - they currently have Mark Kistler's Art Classes up for HALF off a one-year subscription (I think they've got it for $39) I keep looking at it...but I don't think I'd use it. It's a good deal, though - and takes Art off of the teacher, because you do the video lessons.

Anyway.....HSBC is currently offering Brave Writer's monthly LA "magazine" for half off; back issues, too. I'm seriously considering signing up for some of the back issues (that way *I* can choose the books....some of them I've never heard of. I'd rather use books we already have!) It includes copywork, synopsis, in-depth questions for the student to answer, all of which make the kid *think* about what they are reading. I'm still pondering this (it doesn't hurt that I couldn't order it today even if I wanted to - no card! :pbbbbbt: and :lol: )

We'll see....I think the Jeep is warmed up, so I gotta skitter! If I don't get back on later, Shabbat Shalom!

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