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So. Tired...

Stupid Snips has decided that she belongs on the bed at night. I'm sorta OK with that - she's small; if it were Bree I'd have a HUGE problem (pun intended!) However....last night she decided my legs were the perfect pillows - and I couldn't move.

When I can't move, I can't sleep. :sigh: Been up since 3:30 AM.....that's WAY too early for me. :yawn:

It was 33* this AM for morning 'stables' - I've come to the realization that I *need* a barn hat. I can't wear my chullo out there - the goats try to eat the tassles; the only solution is to knit me a new one. Only...I have no yarn. (Don't laugh!) Seriously - I needed worsted weight (or I'd be knitting until Spring), and I dug, and I dug, and I DUG thru the stash...I don't have ANY worsted weight (or DK, or Sport, even!) that isn't already taken by a project. SG just stood there staring at me - here I was, surrounded by yarn...claiming I had NONE. Non-knitters just DO NOT get it....

He got gas this AM, and picked up a lottery scratch-off. *I* won $12 (not bad - spend $2/win $12!), so he gave me the funds to buy yarn with. $3.69 later, I have a skein of Paton's "Real Wool" - just enough to make me a nice, cabled, ear-flap hat. :happy dance:

If I hadn't been so tired, I'd have noticed the price and bought a couple more skeins - I need mittens, too. Ah, well - next time.

As of March 1, it'll be 1 year since I brought Himself home to school. I need to do a follow-up; I've noticed a LOT of homeschoolers curriculum hop. We don't...but we have had a few misses. I feel the need to be totally transparent, in case one of y'all decides to take this route (which I DO recommend - both kids are flourishing at home, and actually *learning*. Less tension at home, too!)

Right now, I'm gonna cast on the first ear-flap, then I think I'll...go to bed. At 5 PM. Yes, I am THAT tired. :sigh:

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