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Herself took a whole slew of photos of her crocheted stuff a while back, and has been asking me to post them. I finally sat down this morning and cobbled together some collages - I'm sorry, but I don't think I have room in my Scrapbook for all the photos she took individually. :grin: She's been....rather busy.

First up, let's do the Pokemon critters. I have NO idea who any of these are, so I'll post them without comments.

The collage program I used (free) kinda scrunched up some of the pics - but most of are with the photos themselves. She's..not as talented a photographer as she is a crocheter. :grin:

I would also like to pause and point out that the majority of these (in fact, I think ALL of them, but am not sure) were done WITHOUT any patterns - she just sat down and did them. :boggle: Talent, she has in SPADES. (She just told me that some came from Wolfdreamer, and some she made up.)

And now.....her favorite things. I give you: Portal 2 items, done in crochet:

First up, the Portal gun (for those not in the "know", Portal and Portal 2 are video games put out by Valve Corp/Steam. It's...they're really physics games, but you don't realize it - they are a bunch of "test chambers" (ie, puzzles) that you have to use portals (ie, teleportation "holes") to escape from. VERY fun, and challenging - and both kids are OBSESSED with the games.) - the "star" of Portal 2:

She needs to work on her photographic skills - you can't see all of it, because black yarn + black stage =/= clear shot, but you can at least get an idea of what she's got. It's very accurate to the game - and it's life-sized, near as I can tell. (She's working on a pattern, too - I let her sign up for Ravelry, and will be posting it there for $5 or so. I hope someone buys it.....she wanted to just give it away, but she put a LOT of work into it.)

Here we have a better shot of the Portal gun, and GLaDOs (the "villain"...she starts out as a mainframe that runs the tests) as....a Potato. (You need to play the game/watch some of the You Tubes on it (beware of language....some of the players are...pretty foul-mouthed.) to "get" this - it's a major turning point in Portal 2. :snicker:) She was going to leave a hole in the potato so it would stick on the gun; I had her crochet a tube to insert inside, so she could put it on/take it off easily, without losing any stuffing. Again - it's accurate to the game.

Here we have a weighted Companion cube, and the cake (the cake is a lie! (No it's not - it's right here!!) :lol:); the top set of spheres are the "real" personality cores that are used in Portal 2. The bottom set are basically the same thing; they are "hair clips", and are both Portal/Portal 2 cores (and a few made-up ones, I think. I dunno - I don't play the game, I just sit back and watch.)

UPDATED: Here's better shots of the Portal gun. Cell phone photos, so not the best, but the fastest way I could get decent shots:

Again, just want to note: she did this without a starting pattern. And she's only *14*. (Yes, it's sitting on the bed. Only way to keep the dogs from photo-bombing it. :lol: The marker board was to keep it from sinking in the comforter.)

Himself is so into the game that he's started programming "maps" (ie, test chambers) for it. He's getting pretty good...I don't know that he'll be able to use any of the commands elsewhere, but it's programming experience, and it's good.

She's working on making herself a costume (orange jumpsuit thing) out of crochet; she's never made clothing before, and doesn't want to look for a pattern, so it's slow going. keeps her busy. I have no doubt that she'll succeed - she's REALLY good at crochet. :proud mama:

(If you know any Portal fans, PLEASE point them at this - she would be THRILLED if she got positive comments from people outside the family. And...when we post to Ravelry, maybe you could point them there, too? She has a hard time dealing with people; maybe having a bunch of fan-mail would help her? Thanks!)

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