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Busy, busy, busy...

Did ya catch Friday's late post? More of Herself's stuff (hey, I told her I'd post it, so I want to make sure it gets noticed.) - she left her current project out, so I snapped a few fast photos. has been an interesting weekend. We:

1. Painted (most of) the kitchen. It's :lol: Yeah, we ripped out dark green laminate, and painted the walls a nice, warm, soft olive-y green. It brightened the whole room up, and looks really, really nice.

2. Moved the 8'x10' Tuff Shed from beside the chicken coop to the other side of the drive, next to the feed room. THAT Those things are HEAVY. Even empty. Good thing we have a) the Kubota and b) many 8' fence posts. Himself drove the tractor, for the most part - I took over to push the shed into place (he did most of the "heavy" pulling. He's getting quite good at driving!)

3. We...spent money. We want to convert the garage, right, but can't until SG has a shop where we can stash the stuff that's currently in the garage. Our neighbor had bought a carport and had sides and doors put on...he spent about $5K for it. It's.....OK, I think it looks cheap. We were looking at them, though, because price IS an issue...but both of us kept coming back to looks.

Plus, we'd have to pour a slab...and the approximate cost of THAT is $1500. So....$6500 for a metal shop building.

We were out and about yesterday, and I mentioned that Home Depot had a sign up - all Tuff Sheds were on sale. So...we stopped. And....yeah, we bought. :deep breath:

$7K for a 16'x20' shop, with a 30 year warranty on the steel frame, 50 year warranty on the roof, and 20 year warranty on the siding. She upgraded the floor to the premium, and threw in a 3'x3' window. It's exactly what SG wanted...and it looks a LOT nicer than the carport. AND - you won't get the condensation that you get in solid metal buildings.

We put it on the (paid-off :sigh:) card...but SG will get his distribution in March, a bonus in June, and we'll put whatever is left out of the tax refund (after we convert the garage), so it will *hopefully* be paid off quickly. (And yes - we could have put that money towards the property next door...but everyone we've talked to about financing wants a minimum of $10K down, with payments in the $700/month range. We can't AFFORD $700/ we're in a holding pattern on that right now. If the Lord wants us to have the property, He'll provide financing we can afford. We're still looking - I think the best bet will be thru a Veteran's association, but...he's being stubborn. Doesn't really want to cash in on his service. :bangs head:)

I've also been pricing pools - we want to replace the dead one. Oh! I think we figured out WHY the old pool exploded - the salt system. Seems the folks I bought that one from neglected to mention to me that salt is highly corrosive (which...I sorta knew, but didn't think about it). Seems that salt systems for above-ground pools went in and out quickly, because of that little fact. :sigh: Anyway, the kids' tax refund (they get SS from their dad - it pays the bills, and I have 10% taken out each month. That way, we get a nice lump sum in March that pays for fun extras for them - and yes, they get a say in how it's spent. They both want a new pool, so....:grin:) is earmarked for a I'm looking. We want an oval one this time - less width, so we can drive past it easily, and maybe 52" instead of 48". I'll probably end up eBaying it again; the local dudes want - are you sitting down? - $10K + for a SMALL oval above-ground pool. I can get an 18'x33'x52" for $2300 on eBay. Even adding installation (which, BTW, is NOT included in the price from the local guys!) - it'll come out to no more than $3500.

Goats smashed my left wrist yesterday, so I'm taking it easy. Think I need to rustle up supper...

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