Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Headaches abound....

It's a pretty day today - 64*, very little wind. I have 3 loads of laundry out on the line....and I have the mother of all headaches. Not sure why......:shrug:

SG told me to go ahead and purchase The Writer's Jungle, so I've been reading it. It' It's exactly what I needed to help me help the kids with their writing. FANTASTIC - but I am glad I got it half price. Full-price...well, I don't think it's worth that. (Sorry, but $70 for a how-to book? Bit much.) I'm going to take the pdf to the printer Wednesday and get it printed out, to make it easier to flip thru.

The first exercise she has you do is "pre-writing" - it's a communication game. One person draws a very simple thing, then describes it to the others, who have to draw what they perceive the artist is describing. It's harder than you think - my first drawing was basically a backwards "S" on it's side, and neither kid got it. Himself drew a glue bottle, and described it so well Herself and I nailed it. It was fun, and we'll be doing it on Tuesdays for a bit. Fridays will be "Freewrites" - 10 minutes where your pencil/pen doesn't stop, and you write whatever you think of. Doesn't have to be coherent, or cohesive, just *write*.

I need to get back into sock-knitting - my husbands socks are...well, they're becoming threadbare. He's hard on sock toes, and...well, he prefers to wear hand-knits. (Who wouldn't? :wink:) I think I will CO in a bit, and try to knit so many rounds per day - I need to get him stocked up! (And I don't have a place to easily set up the CSM right now.....we're working on that. Once the garage is done and I have reclaimed the dining room, I'll be able to set the CSM up in the family room (right now there are wheels in the way.) and get to cranking.

Got some work-work to do, so laters!

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