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I have corrupted my children...

they are now both Glukhaus-playing fools. *eg*

At Four Winds, as we were leaving, I saw a small shop with wooden board games right near the gate. So, I hopped over to look. There was nobody else there, so the vendor had time to chat with us.......

We ended up deciding that glukhaus was the perfect game. It's easy, not many rules to remember, and my 5 year old "should" be able to play. Ummm, yeah. "Should" doesn't even cover it - he's a fiend.

The basic premise: You have a board with squares marked with numbers 2 - 12 (less 4). You roll 2 die - if the corresponding square has a marker, you take it, if not, you put one on. If you roll a 7, (the wedding square), you put one on regardless (because you always bring a gift to weddings), a 2 gets you everything on the board (except 7), 12 (the king) gets *everything* (You can deny the king nothing). 4 is a missed turn.

Easy, fast paced...and my kids are good. Herself is strengthening her addition skills, Himself is learning how to add. They are also working on their "taking turns" skills, and their sharing....and on the "winning isn't everything" attitude. So far, so good - we played for over an hour last night; Herself and I started, then Himself jumped in (after Mary Poppins ended - he wanted to see the *whole thing, Mama!*)...I was quickly tapped out, so she and kept going. Until bedtime. They went to bed under protest. *eg*

Methinks I'll be aquiring another boardgame during out next visit to the Faire.....*g*

Tonight I get to run another fence line, and rip up part of what my misguided, son of a camel neighbor did. He blocked off my access to the back part of my property, because he didn't want his horses over here. Ummm...yeah - you CAN'T Do That; if you want your animals to stay on your property then fence off Your Property. (I (well, my brother) ran the existing fenceline between the properties, we just stopped at the creek. We ran a line of t-posts down the other side of the creek delinating the property boundries, but we never got around to pulling the wire. Mostly because I had no clue HOW to properly run wire. Boy, have things changed in *that* regard!) All he's gotta do is pull the wire, and his animals will be on his side, and mine on mine, and we'll live in peace and harmony, what am I on? He's a jerk. He thinks he knows *everything* about horses, and he's the world's best horse-trainer, and he's gonna start breaking horses for a living.....I saw him ride last night.

I feel sorry for his horses. Heavy-handed doesn't even start to cover it. But I'll quit now before I work myself up into a snit-fit. I'll just smile and be smug the next time I hop up on my wild, outta-control stallion (bareback, of course) and mosey down to the creek in just a halter and lead rope. (He freaked when I did that last week to put Dusty in the back yard. Saddle? Who needs it? Ditto on the bridle - Dusty rides the same with or without tack.)
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