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the Snap Circuits are a HIT. BIG hit. I'm trying to keep him to 1 project a day (so the silly set LASTS, y'know?)..and he is BEGGING to do more. :lol: That's good! (If left to his own devices, he'd run thru all 300 experiments in 2 or 3 days....I'd like him to slow down and actually LEARN, not just play.)

I set up a new schedule - this one is only for the "extras"; the Snap Circuits, the assigned books, the "free" Art projects...I need a way to keep track of them. :sigh: I've tried the "free-style" route, and things don't get done. *I* need things on paper, in black-and-white, so that I can see what we need to do - and if it's written down, I feel obligated to take a stab at it (your mileage may vary, but that's how I roll.) Right now it's very, very basic - a weekly grid that I am hand-writing the stuff on. As I iron out the details, I'll go into Planbook and set up a new set of plans, just for the extras. (I like the way Planbook lets you set stuff up, move it, reschedule it - and it prints out, all nice and neat and in black-and-white.) I've got so much "extra" stuff that we never get to, that I needed to do this. Hopefully, it'll work......I can't drop it on my current lesson plans, because I have a hard time getting it to print on 1 page now.....wonder if I can tweak it.....

We're missing chickens. I shrugged it off - over the past few months we've lost all but 1 of my silver-laced Wyandottes, all but 1 of my Rhode Island Reds, all but 2 of my golden-laced Wyandottes, all but 1 of my Buff Orps....I figured I just wasn't paying attention when they died (it happens. But..we haven't had any die since late Summer...and the flock is noticeably smaller). But...yesterday morning I had 3 roosters (yeah......3 eggs we hatched out turned out to be roos - even my beloved blue-laced Red Wyandotte. :sigh:); last night? 2. My BLUE-LACED RED is missing!!!!! NO feathers around, the other birds were calm...we don't know what happened. We were gone a bit yesterday, which is when we think he vanished - but how? Where? The pen is nice and tight - no holes for predators to get in/out, his wings were clipped (all the birds have clipped wings - some of them can fly.), and there's no holes into the coop large enough for a full-grown bird to fit thru (even dead) (and the "holes" are just where the ground has split because of our drought - not "hole" holes.)

Herself is currently on the job, investigating. Not sure what she expects to find...I'm leaning towards human intervention, but I don't know *why* anyone would take my chickens - our neighbors let theirs roam free. Want chickens, just go grab them - it's less work than trying to get thru my gate, past the dogs, into the chicken run.....easier to just grab the loose ones that run down the street and perch on everybody's fences.

It's a mystery, that's for sure....

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