Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Thankful Thursday

I need to remember how blessed we are, so...I give you "Thankful Thursday". I'm gonna try to do this every week, but no promises. :grin:

1. My husband is so good. He never flinches when I come up with a wacky idea - he LOVES the kitchen, for example. He didn't even blink when I told him I wanted to re-top the countertops with the bar-top stuff. ( should come in Friday, and the plan is to re-seal them on Sunday. They don't NEED it - the Polycrylic has done a wonderful job! - but I am paranoid. My kids...aren't the most careful of children, and I am in a constant state of concern over the finish. This should take care of that.)

2. Our new pool came in yesterday. We need to find an installer, but - we have a pool again! At a great price!

3. Our return was accepted yesterday, so we'll be able to start on the garage soon.

4. My kids - they are starting to do well in school. Both of them. The arguments are starting to wane (knock on wood!), and even Math is starting to "work". And - both of them are becoming a little more helpful, on their own accord. I don't have to ask for as much help - which is big.

5. Herself is becoming a little more confident with other people. Last week, when she was hunting for clues over our missing rooster, she took it upon herself to talk to one of our neighbors. For a normal child, no big deal - for her? BIG deal. BIG. And the neighbor was impressed enough that he actually stooped to *talk* to me about it the next day. :big grin:

6. Our critters. We're still getting 1/2 gallon of milk per day; Annie is on her 24th month of lactation. We're gonna pull blood this weekend for preg tests - if they're positive, I'll be drying off does at the end of the month. We'll *hopefully* be down to just Zorra until the rest freshen...IF they're all bred. :fingers crossed: Our hens are giving us anywhere from 12 - 18 eggs a day now....and I've got a line on new pullets to replace the missing ones.

7. Weird weather. Strange thing to be thankful for, but..yeah. I WISH it would snow - we need the moisture - but it's been livable for me so far. We've only lit the stove 3 times this winter.....weird.

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