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Random bits...

SG has another doc appointment for his foot - it's no better. :sigh: I love the man...but I HATE wounded warriors.

Snap Circuits are a HUGE hit. Today we built an alarm with a photo-resistor, and we learned about insulated vs. uninsulated wires. Cool!

Herself and Himself are finally in the same chapter in Math. She's...not happy, but what can I do? She totally BOMBED her Ch. Revision exercise (seriously. 2 right - out of 36. :sigh:) He missed 2 out of 40. I can't move her ahead, and I certainly can't hold him she has to repeat the chapter. I *hope* that this will make her pay more attention - she really doesn't want him to sail ahead of her!

I have a copy of a Women's Siddur (Prayer Book)....I......yeah. It's so over-the-top in some places that I am having a hard time being respectful. I get the "time-bound" thing - women aren't required to do "time-bound" commandments because they need to care for the kids/house/husband...but. Torah doesn't SAY THAT. I get that there are morning prayers (women are exempt from them), and noon-time prayers (ditto), and evening prayers (ditto, again)...but it says that IF you want to do the prayers, you can...unless you are *too late* for them, in which case too bad, so sad; the general feeling is that that prayer-ship has sailed and God won't hear them. Um. I...I can't think like that.

And...some of the "women-only" prayers.......for example, you can only pray for a specific sex of a baby the first 40 days. SOME women don't realize that they are pregnant before that point, so - what? They can't ask for a boy/girl? I mean......again, I didn't realize that God shuts that prayer line down after a certain amount of time.

I....:sigh: I always thought that God has a 24/7/365 prayer-line thing going. Any time, any place, you could pray and He'd hear it. The Siddurs, though, imply (they don't say this outright) that you only have x-amount of time to say prayers......and I simply Do. Not. Get. It. I also don't get the "women are exempt from prayer because of family obligations"...don't men ALSO have family obligations? Why aren't THEY exempt, then? (And why the distinction? Torah says "Israel" heard God, not "the MEN of Israel".....which means that WOMEN also agreed to keep Torah. :sigh:

There's a lot more swirling around in my head, but I have family obligations. :wink: I have to braid the challah, check the bank balance, and get everybody ready to take the husband to the doctor. :lol: Seriously - I just can't put my thoughts into words. I need to muse on it a bit more....

Shabbat Shalom!

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