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Seven Things...

Anna posted this, and invited folks to play. Since I'm brain-dead this morning, I figured it'd be an easy post. :lol: Thank you, Anna!

1. Thank the award giver and link them in your post.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Pass this award along to blogs that you enjoy reading.
4. Contact your chosen bloggers, let them know, and post the award picture.

1. Crafts: I LOVE doing creative-type stuff, especially if I can save money. My countertops, for example - they look like real stone, but it's just cheap paint (and some not-quite-so-cheap epoxy, now, but that's because I am PARANOID about my crafty-stuff getting ruined.) I do NOT like the mess being crafty makes, however - my kitchen is once again all empty, and the stuff is piled on my table. And will be until Wednesday (we want to give the epoxy ample time to cure)

2. Cleaning: not so much. I mean, I do enough to keep the Health department away, but I am NOT the type to have so-clean-you-can-eat-off-of-them floors. Dust? HA! I have 4 large dogs that come in and out at will, plus horses, chickens, goats and kids. We regularly have dust-storms in the house....why bother? Unfortunately, SG is kinda anal about cleanliness - it drives both of us batty. :lol: We've reached an agreement - I'll keep the place tidy, but for parties and stuff he'll chip in and we'll get it up to HIS level of cleanliness (and it's back to the normal 5 minutes after people leave. I'm telling you, he's fighting a losing battle here.)

3. Books: I'll read ANYTHING. Literature, pulp novels, bodice-rippers - don't care. If it's written, I'll read it at least once. It helps that I am a natural-born speed reader - I read in paragraphs, not sentences or words. Seriously - in 5th grade they brought in a speed-reading teacher. First day, she tested us - we had (I think - it's been a LONG time since 5th grade!) 5 minutes to read a short short story, then we were tested on comprehension. I read it in under 2 minutes (timed!) and got 100 on the test. I spent the rest of the course devouring whatever books I brought from home - the teacher said she didn't want me to slow down because of the course. (It taught the kids to read in sentences instead of word-by-word.) It upsets SG, because he is a SLOW reader...but I can't help it. I try not to show it off to him (but it's hard. He was reading "Reven", a SW Old Republic novel. He'd gone into Home Depot for something, and I stayed in the car..but I had nothing to read. So I picked up his book. By the time he came out (about..30 minutes?) I was 1/3 done...I finished it up while we were at lunch. It took him 3 weeks to read it...:sigh:) I try to do some Bible reading on a daily basis, but after that, it's anything goes. (OK, within reason. I will NOT finish something that gets too graphic. Jean Auel's Clan series (the first 3..the last ones weren't worth the money, IMO) were at the very end of my limit - it's only because I was interested in the faux-history she'd developed that I kept going.)

4. Video games: I suck at them. I try to play with Himself, but he runs rings around my character, and gets all the points, while I'm trying to move from the starting point. l like playing the Lego SW games......because I can at least get the mini-fig to MOVE, but other games? Forget it. I prefer board games - especially Risk, or Monopoly (although I CAN play the PS3 version of Monopoly - because all you do is throw dice. The game does the rest. :lol:) I also actually prefer to play on the computer, because I can sort of understand the commands. The PS3? I have NO clue. Himself is sitting next to me, racking up points, and yelling out instructions "The red square! Hit the red square to jump! Now move the toggle forward - no, the other forward! And hit the green triangle and the blue circle while rotating the toggle back and forth - here, let me help you." :lol:

5. Music: There is almost always music running thru my head. Folk songs/Classical/Pop - SOMETHING. Sometimes I'll actually have music on - but the kids have their own tastes in music (and...I can't stand techno. They LOVE the Portal soundtrack....and it's like nails on a chalkboard to me. It's why we got them their own iPod shuffles this year - I didn't want to have to listen to their stuff. :lol:) I LOVE playing music, too - but violin hurts most of the time, so....I listen. I like Ren Faire-type folk songs, but I'm currently rocking to Debbi Friedman. Eclectic, that's me! :grin:

6. Animals: I am an animal lover. Not a hoarder - but I seem to collect them. Horses are my first love - I can't envision a time that I won't have at least 1 horse around. There's just something about them.......I like my goats, but it's not quite the same. A goat won't keep your secrets like a horse will. And they're NOISY. (We have Nubians, the loud-mouths of the Caprine species. :lol:) Chickens.....I confess, I do NOT like them. Herself LOVES them, though, so - even if we didn't get food from them - we'd keep them. I like dogs - but mostly giant ones. You get more intimidation for your food bill than you do with smaller dogs - and big dogs are generally nicer to have around (I'm thinking about yippy little dogs, here...:ugh:)

7. Fiber: It's all about the wool. And silk. And cashmere. I LOVE turning fluff-balls into yarn that I can then turn into items of clothing. Silk is my hands-down favorite fiber, but I prefer working with wool and cashmere the most (silk is hard on my hands. LOVE how it works up...but it hurts.) Cotton..I'm working on. I love sewing and weaving with it, but I kinda need more practice spinning it. Weaving is my first love - it was my gateway into the fiber world. Knitting is my every-day habit - it hurts, too, but...I don't leave home without a sock in progress. Or a sweater.

I'm adding a number 8, too:

8. Dress-up: I've never outgrown my love of playing dress-up. It's why we do the Highland Games; I can dress-up to my heart's content there without being looked at funny. I LOVE the Ren-wench look (bodice, 2 skirts thing), but I try to be "classy" about it: I don't show a ton of skin, and I don't dress "sexy". Yes, I'm in a tight-laced bodice. Yes, my "girls" are well-supported and you see a little skin. I do NOT do the "been around the fair a few too many times" look - everything is covered, and I'm not frowsy. (I can't explain it better than that. You either "get it", or you don't. Think....modest knight's daughter vs. bar maid. A lot of women think the bar maid look is "it"...and they look, If the "girls" are wandering around the reservation, that's cheap.) I usually have on a ton of clothing - chemise, bodice, 2 skirts (1 tucked up to show the under-skirt), bloomers, and boots, with my plaid belted around me, and a cloak on top if it's cold. Hard to be sexy with that many layers on! :lol: (I do show my bloomers. When I spin, I usually end up with 1 leg tossed over the arm of my chair, and the rest of me lounging back. I HAVE to wear bloomers - the more wildly patterned the better! - to keep my modesty. :lol: The favorites among my clan are my flying pigs and my "McBuffet" ones with the psychedelic flamingos.)

I won't tag anyone. If you wanna, go ahead. :lol:

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