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Something to think about


Previous Entry Something to think about Feb. 12th, 2012 @ 10:19 am Next Entry
We were coming home from breakfast, and SG asked me "How do we knw that there will be a 3rd Temple?". That got me thinking: in the NT, we are told that our bodies are temples for the Holy Spirit, right? So....what IF John wasn't referring to a brick and mortar building in Rev.?

I've heard the term "sacrifice of Praise"....what IF this is what John meant when he said the A/C stops the sacrifices? I need to do some reading....but this is food for thought.

And....why does everybody assume that the Wedding Feast is after the Rapture, but before New Jerusalem comes doWn, arrayed like a Bride? I thought the Feast came AFTER the ceremony......not before.

Gotta run, but wanted input on this. It sparked an interesting conversation, that's for sure!

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