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Update re: Kitchen


Previous Entry Update re: Kitchen Feb. 12th, 2012 @ 05:36 pm Next Entry
OK. I used Polycrylic on my countertops, as you know. It had cured to a nice, hard coating...but I am paranoid. My kids do the dishes...and they aren't that careful. Stuff is constantly dropping onto the counters....and I have been on pins-and-needles, worried that *something* was going to damage the polycrylic coat, and therefore damage my lovely "stone" counters.

So....I bought 16 oz of EnviroTex Light from Dick Blick, and we applied it yesterday. Unfortunately, I can't READ - 16 oz wasn't quite enough for our square footage...and the 2 small counters next to the oven ended up all wavy (you couldn't SEE it, but you could sure feel it!) We ran out to Home Depot yesterday afternoon, where I picked up 32 oz (2 boxes) of Parks Super Glaze (they don't carry EnviroTex. :sigh:)

This afternoon, we applied it. Glad I bought 2 boxes, because we used every drop of it. (If I had just read the description right, I'd have been OK with 2 boxes of EnviroTex. Oh, well - Live and Learn). We waited 29 hours between coats, just to be sure there wouldn't be any type of chemical reaction between the 2 brands (they look like the same ingredients, but the EnviroTex is clear going on, while the Parks is slightly golden. Both set up perfectly clear, though). Of the 2, the EnviroTex smells a LOT better - I'm getting a slight headache from the Parks stuff. :ick:

The counters are curing right now. They look...well, they look FANTASTIC. The clear coat looks to be about 1/8" thick, and it's "floating" above the "stone" surface. (The polycrylic just made the paint shiny; it didn't add depth to the finish at all). Both sets are "self leveling", so you don't need to be too careful as you pour, and both set up relatively quickly. 8 hours for hardness; 72 for full cure.

So: IF you decide you want to paint your counters, I HIGHLY recommend you spend the $$ for the bar-top stuff (it's a 2-part epoxy, so you can hunt for it locally). You'll have peace-of-mind - just be CERTAIN that you love what you've done, because this stuff can't be painted over or removed, except by sanding it down.

Work tomorrow, so this'll have to count as tomorrow's post.

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