Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Shopping day....

:ugh: Hate it - I HATE to spend that much money in 1 day. But it was necessary - we were out of almost everything. :sigh: Prices have gone up - even at the meat locker.

Need to dry up goats this weekend. I haven't gotten blood tests - I SUCK at drawing blood. Yes, I've watched videos. We've paid the vet to come out and teach us....this year? I tried going into the veins in the ears. Nope - I'd hit the vein, all right - as I was pulling the needle OUT of yet another dry hole. I'm just going to HOPE that they're bred.....and I am saving up to buy a cheap ultrasound (the kind that gives a tone for pregnant. I can't afford a visual one. :sigh:). This is for the birds......and we have enough dairy girls to justify $500 or so. :big sigh: It all boils down to $$$$, doesn't it?

So far, the new schedule is working well. Both kids are actually TAKING THIER TIME with school (especially Math!), and the mornings aren't filled with "NO! Hurry up! We need to get DONE!", which is a win.

The tabletops look nice - I need to pick up the epoxy for them, and they'll be done. Next up, the work table. That should be the last bit of furniture I'll redo...but I am going to paint the floor in the weaving room. It'll be cheaper than tile, and "safer" than carpet (if the water heater blows, the carpet would have to be replaced. Paint with epoxy? Mopped.) The garage-floor epoxy kit will run $98...which is way cheaper than tile ($400, plus install. No thanks!)

So far, we have 2 more contractors coming out this weekend to quote us on the garage conversation. :fingers crossed: they come in CHEAP.......I have things I need to buy with the "leftover" refund. ($2K would be nice. We are purchasing all the materials, all they are doing is the labor. I HOPE I can get the garage door removed, the french doors and windows framed in and covered, and duct work run for $2K or thereabouts. I have no clue if that's even in the ballpark.....:sigh: The door and windows will run us $400; we need insulation and sheetrock for 2 walls. And the ducts. I figure, another $1K for all the supplies....:fingers crossed:)

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