Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It's Friday...

which means we have tests. Fun stuff.....we also have a literary analysis to do, on Twain's Joan of Arc. THAT'LL be fun, since Himself has farted around instead of reading it. :sigh:

I repainted the breakfast area yesterday. Same basic color; it was Saffron, now it's Butter Cookie. The big difference is that the Saffron had a green undertone; Butter Cookie has a lovely golden-brown glow to it. I like it much better! (I told SG that if he repainted the kitchen, we'd end up repainting most of the house. He denied it....and now? We're about to repaint the family room, he's decided the entry hall and kids' hall needs an update, and I want to repaint the dining room once we reclaim it. :lol: I'm still tending towards earth-tones, but the colors we're picking are softer and more....serene. Not a huge change, for the most part, but the house feels "happier", if that makes sense.)

We have 2 contractors coming out tomorrow, and 1 on Sunday. I want to get this party started.....

We had a nice walk in the park yesterday. The weather was GLORIOUS - 80*, but with a cold wind. Today? The high is 57*. :shakes head: Weird weather abounds.

Oh! I found a new-to-me series: Lady Julia Gray. Set in Victorian England; in book 1 her husband is murdered and she - yes, SHE - finds out who-done-it. There's a PI involved (not called that, but hey - it fits), and there's a lot of shenanigans. Book 2 is 18 months later; she's at the family seat (her Father is an Earl), and there's another murder and a confession. Again, SHE figures out the scheme.....I'm enjoying them! I have 1 more; I need to see how many books are in the series. She's a plucky sort - and the romantic interest (although there's been very little actual romance - a lot of sultry looks. :grin:) is very interesting, indeed.

Need to go milk - I'm drying up all but Zorra tonight. That'll ease my load.....until April. :lol: I need to trim feet - I've done Annie and Risky; 88 feet to go. :sigh:

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