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It's been interesting...

We've had 3 contractors come out this weekend to quote on our garage conversation. It's been.....interesting.

Contractor #1 were 2 guys, and they were.....TOO personable. Agreed with everything we said, yet ran roughshod over us when SG told them that he didn't want them to fill in the lip at the garage entrance; rather, he wanted the new door to sit on the garage floor proper. I dropped the "we homeschool, so I'm HOME all the time" line, to indicate our relative poverty...and got "Oh, we homeschool too!"...before talking about the new $$$$ stuff they had bought. :shakes head: Oh, and I didn't mention that they both were prominently displaying chrischun symbols, and one of 'em had a gospel ringtone. :barf: (Sorry, but I've been burned by folks like this more times than I care to count. I've already told SG they are OUT of the running, unless they beat the lowest bid by a substantial amount. I doubt that'll happen. :grin:)

Contractor #2 was 1 guy, young-ish, who let slip that HIS IRS refund this year bought he AND his wife NEW vehicles. Um....OK. WE aren't getting ANYWHERE near THAT, thank you very much! He also told us up front that he would charge 25% over the cost of materials if we let him buy them...and indicated that if WE bought materials, he'd find stuff wrong with all of it. "Not up to my standards" was his favorite line. The homeschool schtick went right over his head...although he was willing to offer suggestions to what we wanted.

Contractor #3 came today. 2 hours late. :bangs head: He gave us a quote right there....$1K LESS than the guy that came out last week. AND....if we pick up the materials, and IF we go to Home Depot, we are to use his PRO number to get everything at HIS pricing. :blink: Which means the materials will cost us about 40% LESS than if we went with anyone else. :ponders: He also said the job would be finished in 1.5 weeks - everybody else says 2.5 minimum. He also told us what he would do for texture, etc, and wasn't upset that I was going to paint the interior myself.

We've had 4 guys out, and only 2 quotes. I'm leaning hard towards #3, even though he was late....because he didn't try to BS us. Or - not as much as the other guys have. (Contractor last week....was very abrasive, and dismissive of me. He didn't like that I wanted to paint, he dismissed me wanting to paint the floor.....and his bid is at the high end of what *I* want to pay. #3 is right where I wanted...with materials, the total cost will be about $3700...which means we'll have a little bit left to do other things with. Like, buy SG a Fesstool saw. Whatever THAT is. :lol:)

The good part is that the garage is the cleanest it's been since we moved here in 2003. The bad part is that SG's shop is a bit...cluttered, but hey - the stuff had to go SOMEWHERE.

In other news, SG has painted the base and legs of my tables. He's going to pour the bar top epoxy this afternoon, so that I will have my coffee table back by Wednesday afternoon. Good thing, since we bought a rug for the family room yesterday. :lol: I'm slowly trying to reclaim the house...when I moved here, my MIL did most of the decorating. She not. I've lived with it..but I am now moving it OUT. And the colors are becoming more "up" - I was in a slightly dark place in 2003, and the paint colors I chose reflect that. I still LOVE them, mind you, and am going with the same palette (think "Fall", if you can remember the 80s, and what "season" you are :lol:), but with "happier" tones. By the time we're done, only the music/game room will be the same color ("Bronze Beauty"), the rest will be updated. I'm leaning toward a nice plum for the dining room (my new weaving studio will be "Amber"...close to the Pumpkin Pie color the dining room currently is, but "happier"), and the family room will be a nice copper-pot color. I think. 1 wall will be RED, since that is what SG wants...but the rest? Will be earthy colors. I'm hoping to have the house repainted by Pesach......hopefully. We'll'll aid in the cleaning if I can! :lol:

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