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I got home at 1:30 today!!!!! :insert happy dance: Mainly because I had done a metric crap-ton of work at home on Sunday; there were still errors, but we caught them early (because both of us were looking for them :wink:) and I was DONE by 11:30. :huzzah:

Hearth, I'll post photos -maybe tomorrow. I snapped some quick ones while we were they're unposed and uncleaned. :sigh: One of these days I'll have a clean house.....

While I was finishing painting the bar area yesterday, my bookcase died a tragic death. :sigh: We used it for all our art supplies and extra Science books; those are now crammed into the Game Room. We're not going to replace the bookcase - SG wants to get some bar stools so that we have a "lunch bar" area. :shrug: I tried that when the kids and I moved here; it worked, but......the barstools were a pain to work around. I *think* it'll work this time, though, since we're going to be moving the dining table into the dining room, and replacing it with a (MUCH smaller!) farmhouse table. We'll see....

The good part about the death of the bookcase is that I have 2 more white boards now. :always look on the bright side!) We're up to 2 in Latin (1 for the daily translations, and 1 for the declensions; I'm not counting the smaller one I use when we're given multiple versions of the new word), so the "new" ones are welcome. I use whiteboards a LOT in our school; I have a medium one for weekly spelling words, the 3 for Latin, 1 small one for reading assignments.....have I mentioned that I love whiteboards? :lol: We bought a sheet of shower liner from Home Depot for like $18; large whiteboards at Wally-world run about $15 each.)

I need to go check on my coffee and end tables; they're in the shop curing. I need to paint all the legs, to save SG some time...and I want some pics of them. They turned out FABULOUS! And the kids enjoyed helping! :bounce:

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