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Previous Entry It's Friday morning... Mar. 2nd, 2012 @ 06:26 am Next Entry
and we set sail - wait, that's a song. :lol: (Mermaid's Tale). It looks to be a beautiful day! Leading into a nice (but BUSY) weekend.

I need to figure out something to go under the valences - they're perfect, but they're too short to stand alone. I'm thinking brown or burgundy sheers, but I'm letting it percolate a bit. Got too much to do today to take the time to run to the store, so......

Irish Fest is this weekend. I think that the new bodice will NOT go - I can't see how it'll work, bathroom break wise. I'll have undies, bloomers, and 2 skirts; first up, I'm not sure it'll lace up over all that (plus the chemise; none of these are negotiable.), secondly....I think I need to break it in a bit more, to make sure I can spin in it. :sigh: Don't fret - I'll get a photo of it (and the underbust!) soon. I just...I don't think I can manage wearing it right now.

Underbust: SG laced it slightly looser this AM, and it's fine. It's not as long-waisted as the full corset (so privy trips should be OK), and I think I've figured out the girls. Today, I pretended it was garb - I "fluffed" while SG was lacing. The top is still slightly pushing into them, but it's a LOT more comfy than it was yesterday. (45 minutes so far. I'm looking to milk, then pull it off.)

On Tuesday, I pulled down the garb I wanted to wear...I ended up washing ALL my garb. I had NO idea I was such a clothes-horse......mice had gotten into the closet. :sigh: 4 loads of laundry later, everything is all clean and sweet-smelling, and we bought rubbermaid containers to keep it in. I need at least 2 more, but it's a start. I also need to hunt up some bodices - they're missing. :sigh:

Need to start prepping for school - laters!

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