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Shabbat Shalom!


Previous Entry Shabbat Shalom! Mar. 2nd, 2012 @ 02:11 pm Next Entry
Just spent the last 2 hours prepping for NTIF. The wheel is dusted, polished, and is sporting a lovely new (TEAL!) driveband. I cleared off 3 bobbins, and my basket is packed and ready. ALL of our leather goods are cleaned and conditioned. The table is set (I try to get that done by 2, so I'm not rushing around later), and the challah is just about ready to braid. The chicken is thawed....so, we're looking good!

The kids are both going garbed this year. Last June we bought Himself a kilt - it's not our tartan (any of them :lol:), but it'll do. I have 8 yards of tartan for him when he reaches full size - it's up to him whether he makes a "wee" kilt or wears it as a great kilt. Herself has 2 of my outgrown bodices, and she's tall enough now to wear my skirts (laced under the bodice, the waist doesn't matter.)

Looks to be a fun weekend - hope yours is as well!

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