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Previous Entry NTIF is OVER Mar. 4th, 2012 @ 05:23 pm Next Entry
Thankfully! I'm tired....it was a LONG weekend. They moved us to across from the children's area, which you'd think would have brought lots of people over...only the children's area has always been pretty much a dead zone. :sigh: So....BORING for us. Most of the time. Except when a clan cousin brought her 5-month old, and I got to steal her. (Told ya I had some gypsy in me! I did, however give her back. Sleeping, today. :grin:)

So...I have 2 photos. I don't normally post pics of me, but what the hey - I had probably 15 photos taken of me today alone (by strangers!), so...why not?


The bodice was made by a lady in Scotland, and I love it, but it's not really good for demoing in. It's cut a little too high in the underarm area, and restricts my long-draw. Still, it's nice, and looks good. I was a proper lady, and didn't flash my bloomers. :lol: (Shamrock fabric. I dressed for the occasion.)


Here's the new corset! It actually wasn't bad - SG laced me down 3", and it was livable (I don't think it would have been yesterday; I needed to remember how to move and such first). Full arm movement, which was great; less waist movement, which wasn't. Still, I had the mom "sway" going, so that's something. (Today's bloomers were my flying pigs pair. I made many clan cousins happy today. :lol: They seem to be a favorite...not sure why.)

Both costumes, I made everything except the leather bits. (Well, my pouch was made by DH #1...so that counts, right?) Bloomers, chemise, 2 skirts and bodice both days. The weather was glorious, so I only needed a shawl in the morning.

I got TONS of spinning done. 2 full bobbins Saturday, and I was able to ply both and get another half bobbin. Today, I finished that one and filled 2 more - I'll ply that up later on. I need to get the bobbins clear - the Arlington Games has been moved up a month, so I need empty bobbins by May 1.

Not much shopping happened; I bought a new purse (vinyl hobo bag (ick), but I'll be able to use it as a pattern for a proper leather one when it dies.), and my potter friend made me a LOVELY knitting bowl. It has a celtic sea-horse on it, with the head cut out so that the yarn feeds from under his neck. It's LOVELY, and works great. :snuggles:

It wasn't a bad weekend, just slow. Usually, I'm swamped.....but, ah well - it is what it is. I know I can survive 8 hours in a cranked down corset...so that's good. :lol:

Gotta go unload the Jeep - the kids are milking, and NO ONE touches my wheel but me.

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