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this year has had the WEIRDEST weather! It was 64* this AM at 5. With 35 mph winds. (We get winds, that's not odd - but not usually THAT strong.) After I milked, I cobbled together a "ghetto" windbreak for the does' back door - I took a plastic pallet, 3 t-posts, and 4 cinderblocks and stood the pallet up (about 3' away from the door), bracing it with the cinderblocks and t-posts. Now, the bedding isn't blowing around in the barn.

We're still working our way thru "The Hobbit". Himself is caught up in it; Herself, not so much. I'm kind of surprised - I figured it'd be right up her alley. :shrug: Next up....I dunno. :grin:

History - we're working our way thru "Royal Britain". It's mostly "sound bites" on each of the Monarchs, but that's OK. This is overview, after was a 2-page spread on Alfred the Great. I have a juvenile book on the life of Alfred, so they'll be reading that next week. I have books on him, William the Conqueror, Elizabeth I, and Victoria - I plan on assigning all of them. :grin:

Not much else to report. Have a great day!

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