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Previous Entry Today I am thankful for Mar. 8th, 2012 @ 09:59 am Next Entry
Rain. Glorious, super-duper rain! It's been raining slowly and steadily since at least 4 AM - and we need every drop!

My MacBook. I spent 2 hours yesterday typing up the first 3 chapters of our next History text. My Mac worked like a champ, and things went quickly (well, as quick as they can when my wrist is seizing up. :sigh: Too much typing. I have 16 chapters...so, 13 to go. This isn't going to be fun!)

My Husband. He picked up the "missing" switchplates yesterday, but got the wrong ones. Instead of being upset, he thought it was funny (so did I - I was trying not to laugh), and we discovered that the current plates don't all match - the one by the stove is BRONZE while the other side of the kitchen is SILVER. :snicker: Too, too funny!

The view. I still don't have shades up in the breakfast area, so the morning sun bothers us during school. Except for yesterday and today - it was WONDERFUL, being able to see everything outside. The goats were being silly, and we had a good time watching "Caprine TV". :lol: Today, they're all holed up inside the barn - you know goats melt in the rain, right?

The Internet. Monday, I went searching for a scrubs pattern...instead I found EXACTLY the pants pattern I had been looking for. A 1991 Simplicity 2-hour Express pattern - the pants are slightly full, and end in BUTTONED CUFFS at the ankles. I don't have to try and add cuffs!! :happy dance:

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