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Well, THAT didn't work out quite like we expected....


Previous Entry Well, THAT didn't work out quite like we expected.... Mar. 13th, 2012 @ 01:02 pm Next Entry
Home Depot DOES take PayPal. Only, not at the Pro Desk. Where we had to go, because our contractor gave us his Pro Rewards discount. :sigh: So......no bonus points for me. :sad: (Ah, well - easy come, easy go. :grin:)

And.....HD sucks. The employee went over the order with me, he'd cleared it with both SG and the contractor, rang me up, I had to call the bank to up my limit (it was....way over $500. :sigh:), and THEN realized that, oops, he'd somehow deleted the insulation off of the quote. :bangs head: So I had to go thru the whole rigamarole AGAIN to add 6 rolls of insulation to the delivery (and couldn't use PayPal AGAIN, because of the discount. :sigh:) At least he removed the delivery charge from that and the siding, which is a special order and won't be in until next week.

Upside, I think I have my paint picked out - "Alpine Green". It's a nice, earthy, light sage-ish color, which will look FANTASTIC with the light spice trim. And will set off all the wood I have (wheels, loom, etc) WONDERFULLY well. We'll see.......

I'm pondering window treatments now. The breakfast area is done, I just bought the curtain for the family room (the BA has the lovely Arabic-feeling valances, and lower curtains that echo the diamond-motif in burgundy and browns. The new set is a brighter burgundy (that echos the red the accent wall will be) and gold, and has the same "feel". ) I've got time to think about it - it's been 9 years since we moved in, and I JUST TODAY bought the curtain for the family room. :giggle: (It's had a lace panel on it. BORING but at least it was covered.)

Back to work - I'm about to start Ch. 9! Out of 16!

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