Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Well, THAT didn't work out quite like we expected....

Home Depot DOES take PayPal. Only, not at the Pro Desk. Where we had to go, because our contractor gave us his Pro Rewards discount. :sigh: bonus points for me. :sad: (Ah, well - easy come, easy go. :grin:)

And.....HD sucks. The employee went over the order with me, he'd cleared it with both SG and the contractor, rang me up, I had to call the bank to up my limit (it was....way over $500. :sigh:), and THEN realized that, oops, he'd somehow deleted the insulation off of the quote. :bangs head: So I had to go thru the whole rigamarole AGAIN to add 6 rolls of insulation to the delivery (and couldn't use PayPal AGAIN, because of the discount. :sigh:) At least he removed the delivery charge from that and the siding, which is a special order and won't be in until next week.

Upside, I think I have my paint picked out - "Alpine Green". It's a nice, earthy, light sage-ish color, which will look FANTASTIC with the light spice trim. And will set off all the wood I have (wheels, loom, etc) WONDERFULLY well. We'll see.......

I'm pondering window treatments now. The breakfast area is done, I just bought the curtain for the family room (the BA has the lovely Arabic-feeling valances, and lower curtains that echo the diamond-motif in burgundy and browns. The new set is a brighter burgundy (that echos the red the accent wall will be) and gold, and has the same "feel". ) I've got time to think about it - it's been 9 years since we moved in, and I JUST TODAY bought the curtain for the family room. :giggle: (It's had a lace panel on it. BORING but at least it was covered.)

Back to work - I'm about to start Ch. 9! Out of 16!

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