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Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

We're back!

Got everything plugged back in around 8 PM last night. By that point I was too tired to care, but :huzzah: - we have 'net! (I didn't have withdrawals - I'm not THAT obsessed - but I'm glad I have home access again. Yes, I have a smartphone - but the screen is TINY. Yes, there's local wifi - but I have to leave the house to access it. :shrug:) It hit Himself harder than anyone else - he's getting too addicted to Minecraft. He needed the break, to be honest (and it was another point to NO 3G access for him, unless HE pays for it. He doesn't need to be online 24/7 - and he needs to realize that.)

Passover is in 3 weeks - and I just noticed this AM that it's the SAME weekend as Easter. I thought that the early church had planned it that that would never this is Odd. And worth extra watching. Just sayin'........Passover begins the evening of April 7, for the record.

Speaking of, this year my house will be the cleanest it ever has been. The kitchen got deep-cleaned back in January, and I've kept it pretty clean - just need to de-crumb (a never-ending job!......Just like trying to combat sin, come to think of it. It creeps in when you least expect it. :hmmm:) and do the cycle on the oven. The family room is totally crumb-free - even behind the command center. (And freshly painted, too - even the trim behind the command center. It's loverly in here, now!) Himself deep-cleaned his room yesterday (he misplaced his wallet, with ALL his giftmas and birthday money, and *I* was in a panic over it. He's got...well, quite a bit right now. He was non-plussed, I wasn't......I can't be that casual about $$$) so, his room is done. Herself's....isn't, but she's been plugging away at it for a few weeks, now. Our bedroom is crumb-free, but a disaster...that's next on my "to clean" list, but I'm not sure when I'll get to it.

It's funny - both SG and I have this......*feeling* (can't explain it any other way) that we HAVE to get the house done. HAVE to - he decided last night that the entry hall (which was going to stay the way it is) HAD to be repainted. Note: He HATES painting. HATES it. So, for him to tell me it HAD to be done? Isn't normal. (And it's not because of the new paint in the family room - the current color works really, really well, and we both like it. HAS to go, for whatever reason.) He's also in a swivet about getting Rid of Things (3 loads and counting to the thrift store, and more to the curb). Soon as the studio is finished, the dining room will get repainted and the house will be put back into some sort of order.

Either we get to keep the house for the duration of the Trib, or someone else is going to get a really nice place to live during it. :grin: I'm at peace, either way - HE's in control. I know what's up next, I just don't know the mechanics of it - and, finally, I am OK with not knowing. (Oh, I still WANT to know - but I don't HAVE to know. If that makes sense.) After all, it's only stuff....and we don't really *need* it. He will provide us with everything we truly need, so - I'm not worried any more.

I need to go rustle up some breakfast - I started to earlier, but had the urge to do my daily post. SG and Himself are off for a birthday outing - I *think* the plans include a trip to Legoland, but I'm not sure. Herself and I get to finish emptying out the pantry. Sounds like we got the short end of the stick, but it needs to be done. :grin: Chili tonight, I think - the crock pot can work on that while we're doing other things.

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