Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Kenzie owes me...

We went to breakfast again this morning - Jack in the Box. We were gone MAYBE 20 minutes, tops. Came home to find a very nervous dog....and ANOTHER chewed up DS. :bangs head: (She went into our "closed" bedroom, somehow knocked it off the bookshelf, then carried it outside and proceeded to chew up the corners. It'll come on, but both screens are dead.)

SG went off the deep end - seriously. To the point that he had her, my Walther, and was headed out the door. I stopped him. Why?

Not because I *like* the dog. I don't.
Not because the *kids* like the dog.

But because I KNEW that if I let him waste the bullet on her, he'd end up never forgiving me. :sigh: It's hard being the grown-up some times.

He did agree (after a HUGE shouting match - I can't hardly talk right now) to pay for training for her (finally!) (and Bree, who doesn't really need it. It would help, but she's a "good" dog.). It's not going to "stick" - because Kenzie is STUPID.

I don't mean just stupid. I mean Lacks a Brain, is suffering from some form of Learning Disability, and probably has some mild mental retardation going on STUPID. Yes, seriously. She's over a year old now, we've had her over a year, and she STILL doesn't know her name. (Seriously.) She still has accidents in the house - although those have gotten fewer over the past few months. It's......I seriously wonder about her.

So. How's YOUR day going?

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