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Weekend Recap...

Let's see....

Friday: Himself came home full of happiness - he'd finally spent most of his Giftmas/birthday cash. He came home with a refurbished Wii and 2 games. :sigh: We now have 2 consoles...but he was SO happy I couldn't/can't complain. He and SG spent the evening getting cables sorted out, and then he and Herself played Mario Super Smash (or something. I don't play, so I don't know WHAT games we have.) (He wanted the Wii because Nintendo doesn't do Sonic or Pokemon for any other platform...and those are what he likes playing. Yes, we have Star Wars games for the PS3...but he says, while they are fun, he really prefers playing Sonic. was his money, and SG agreed, so...there ya go.)

Saturday: Ikea. I am....disappointed. So many of my friends LOVE Ikea...and...I...think it's over-priced and under-quality. I was recommended the Billy bookcase when I moved here, but $70/bookcase seemed much for something I'd never seen. I'm glad I didn't buy - we looked at them yesterday. Except for color, they appear to be just like the cheap pressboard shelves Wally World sells for $30. (Yes, I'm serious. I was all over them, tapping and pushing and pulling...and the bookcases in our bedroom are almost EXACTLY like them. Granted, I can't add height to them, like you can the Billy ones, but.....same thing. For 2x the price.) The rugs were OK, but nothing worth the price *to me*. We walked out of there with 2 wall-mounted coat racks (because neither of us could justify the trip, otherwise - 63 miles, 1 way.) for $20 each. They're OK - black metal with a shelf over them. I...don't think I want them in my studio (which is what they were bought for), but they'll make FANTASTIC bridle racks in the tack area. Helmets can go on top.) The food was OK - $0.50 all beef hotdogs, $1.25 per slice pizza (it wasn't bad, and the slices were HUGE)...but....we won't be going back.

Sunday: Contractor came out; they are starting Wednesday, rain, snow, or shine. My studio will be done by FRIDAY, AND they are removing the old pool and installing the new one. And they will probably be putting in a proper sidewalk for us, too - the prices are reasonable, they are fast, and....SG doesn't have the time to do this stuff, not and keep on top of the fences AND do his woodworking.

I also made a decision - I won't be doing any sort of fancy painting on the floor. I looked at the clear coat - it takes a total of *10* days to fully cure. Yes, you can walk on it in 24 hours, but it's not ready for stuff on it for 10 days. Stain? 72 hours - and you can put your furniture down after 24. (Just don't rearrange the stuff until 72 hours have passed.) Stain means that I can do the floor Friday, and we can put the stuff in Sunday afternoon. :sigh: Yes, I kinda miss the idea of fancy floors...but this is much more practical, and cheaper. I'll be throwing rugs down anyway - 1 under the loom, and at least 1 more under the sewing table, really wouldn't be able to SEE the floor, anyway. (Or so I keep telling myself.)

And...both SG and I have this urge to GET IT DONE. Passover's coming up; I don't know if it has to be done by then for a reason, but both of us just *know* that we are on a deadline here. (And I don't know that Passover is the deadline - I just know I HAVE to get it done, the sooner the better.) Maybe whatever we have at Passover is what we have for Eternity, maybe we're fixing the house up for whoever gets to live in it for the rest of the Trib - I don't know. And don't really care - it's just odd, this feeling. (It's why we jumped on the contractor putting up the pool. We were going to call Dolphin Pools and get their guys to do it......but this came up today and SG didn't even blink - he told me to transfer the funds and write the check. So.....that was kinda odd. He normally has to really think about it........)

Dusty and the goats are mowing the area around the barns; the kids are shoving stuff into the center of the garage so that the contractor can start the demolition, and I am about to try to take a nap. The weather is cool, overcast, and humid - we haven't gotten a lot of rain lately, just spitter-spatters, so I hope it dumps it today and lets Wednesday be nice and sunny. Or at least not wet.

And - I have the best husband. While we were out, we stopped at Woodcrafter's. Tuesday, he came home with a lovely plank of Paduak for my yarn-containment unit. It'll be the trim and door facing. We went to WC to find out what type of stain would look good with it - because Paduak is a lovely, glowing red-orange. The guys there are great - 1 of them took the time to talk about what I wanted, what it would do, etc - and we settled on an oil-based gel stain in "Java". While there, SG and I talked about finances, and -long story short, he bought a planer/joiner (or "over and under". I have no clue). Yes, it makes sense - it's cheaper to buy rough-cut planks and plane them yourself (case in point - Friday he bought 2 12' long planks of Poplar for the rest of my yarn-containment unit. He spent $50. We stopped at HD 8' plank was $34; and it's not as wide nor as thick as the planks he bought. So....he'll save money in the long run.) Anyway, on the way home, we stopped for dinner...right next door to a JoAnn's. We went in to look - I had asked about dress forms, remember? Well, I had found 1 on CL for $90 (which is CHEAP), but it was too far out to drive - after a bit of discussion, and a talk with a JoAnn's employee, who gave us a 50% off coupon, he bought me a new "My Double" dress form. It'll go in the corner next to the sewing table, and will make life a little easier on me. (My gypsy coat, when I get to it, is going to take a lot of pinning and futzing to get it to look right. Now? It'll be easier to do!)

Anyway - I need a nap.

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