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Headache this morning from lack of sleep. Been puzzling over I'll dump 'em here and let someone ELSE worry with it. :heh:

The past few weeks I've had this little voice in my head telling me to slack off on school. I mean, why do the kids need school if we're not gonna be here past Passover? (That's the mildest "message"). I keep telling the voice that a) I don't know for SURE that we won't be here after Passover - what if Passover is just a wake-up call, and nothing happens until RH? (to which the voice replies, well, RH isn't THAT far off of Passover, so what's the big deal?) and b) I don't want to face my Father and tell him "You know those kids you gave me? And arranged for me to teach 'em? Yeah. Um....I figured what the heck - they didn't need to learn anything, 'cause YOU know it all, and they could ask YOU when we got there, ya go!" I kinda don't think that would fly, do you?

(b) usually shuts the voice up for a bit.

Only, now it's started pushing church on me again. :sigh: THAT one's not going to work, because the church is just a huge deception. Don't believe me?

God says over and over and OVER in the OT to not mix the holy and the profane. Why were the Israelites constantly being punished? Because they'd marry pagans and adapt their practices into God's directions. Even though they'd been told OVER AND OVER to NOT do it.

And....most churches love to break the 2nd commandment - that of "no graven images". I prefer the way the Complete Jewish Bible translates it: "You are not to make for yourselves a carved image or any kind of representation of anything in heaven above, on the earth beneath or in the water below the shoreline. You are not to bow down to them or serve them.....".....and yet, EVERY church I've ever been in has a cross displayed somewhere, and they honor it - some churches bow down to it at the start and end of each service. Um.

Remember when Moses was on the mountain, and God went ballistic over the whole "golden cow" thing? Yeah.....and yet it's OK for today's church to do the SAME thing, because it's a cross and therefore that makes it kosher? Not even.....that's mixing holy with profane, AND making an image for themselves to represent God. What did He say in Exodus? DON'T DO IT.

Look.....I noticed most of the pagan things in church back in middle school (I went thru a Tolkien phase, and did a lot of reading on where he got his ideas. Most of them can be traced back to the Eldar Edda, a Norse mythological cycle. LOTS of pagan stuff there (of course - it's a pagan myth cycle)...which got me looking at the stuff in my church that resembled it. Christmas trees? Pagan. Decorating with greenery? Pagan. Hanging ornaments on the tree? Pagan (and still done today at "holy shrines").'s even worse. Eggs? Decorating the cross (which the churches here make out of the trunk of the tree used for the Christmas services) with flowers? Pagan. (And I'm not going into the actual dates Christmas and Easter are on......both are pagan to the hilt.)(And...the whole ham-as-Easter-dinner thing. Do you honestly think Jesus ATE ham? A non-kosher food? And yet the church has no problems with *serving* ham on a festival that supposedly HONORS Jesus? And chrischuns have no problems with this.......)

And yet...most members will tell you it's no big deal, and to calm down. Really? I kinda think that if God "flipped his shit" over the golden calf, He might kind of think that what the church is doing now is a Big Deal.

I don't care that you think YOUR church is different. If they display a cross and it is used to represent Christ, they're breaking the 2nd commandment. (And that goes for you in your house, too...there's nothing wrong with the cross itself - it's what it REPRESENTS. See Exodus 20:3-6. It's FORBIDDEN.) I don't care that your pastor can "talk the talk" - if he's not walking the walk (and let me assure you, I've yet to meet a pastor that actually teaches the ENTIRE BIBLE, as it's written), then you are being misled. If they lead a Christmas service, or an Easter service, they are mixing the holy with the profane, and you are being misled.

Yeah, I've been told that that's OT, and Jesus wiped that out. Where does it say that? Jesus said that He didn't come to abolish Torah (OT!), he came to fulfill it. And, He said that if you loved Him, you would keep His commandments. Since the NT wasn't written at that time (and, in fact, wasn't written to be published - it's just a bunch of letters sent to various groups of believers)......what do you suppose He was talking about? (Hint: It's the first part of your Bible. The.....OT!)

I'm tired, and I'm out of sorts. I'm sick of all the "oooh, come celebrate Easter with us!" signs I see around here. I'm sick of people - who claim to be Christ followers - NOT doing what Christ told them to do. And I'm sick of that little insidious voice trying to tell me that I *need* to go to church, because Believers were told to worship together. Bah.

Today's churches may worship together, but I sincerely doubt that they are worshipping the One that they think they are. And I won't be a part of that.

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